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New Jerusalem nightlife blog – Luz Control


You could say that Jerusalem is not so famous for its nightlife scene. Museums, really old archeological finds, and awful drivers, fo’ sure. But nightlife… not so much.  Jerusalem has only a handful of really happening clubs and recently, Jerusalem’s best known club, Haoman 17 shut down rebranded to “17” and I heard Bonita in the city center did too. But, just when I thought it’s lights out for the holy city, I came across a new section in the weekend Jerusalem Post called Luz Control. Written by Luz Ofek, the section is a list of all the upcoming hottest clubs and parties in Jerusalem. Luz also updates his herblog frequently for those not interested in the now 14.90 NIS Friday Jpost paper (I don’t know what kind of addictive substance they’re putting in their paper, but I can’t live without it on Shabbat!)

The site is in hebrew, but let’s see how you do with this academic language of our forefathers:

דה קונסטנטין דה בסט דה ביגטיים דה לייק איט לייק אה טרק!!

uh… what?

Our ancestors would be so proud to know just how flexible the hebrew language has become. They certainly didn’t teach enough Hebrish in my ulpan.

Have fun out there! As for me, I’ll be sitting at home, devouring the opium-lined Jpost and coping with my denial that I’m not 21 anymore.


Where to go dancing in Jerusalem: Salsa, Israeli, Clubs, Belly, and more

salsa dancer

Thank goodness there are places in Jerusalem to let go of my pent-up energy after long days spent staring at a computer screen. Unfortunately, I felt like the information for different kinds of dancing in Jerusalem like salsa, Israeli/folk dancing, clubs, belly dancing, and others was all over the place. So, I sat myself down and gathered what I could into one central, organized place (I love lists, what can I say?). Make sure to call the person or venue to verify any information below. If you would like to add any dance venues, please leave a comment below.

In related Salsa news, while I was searching for everything Salsa and Israel, I came across the 7th Annual Mediterranean Salsa Congress’ , which is hoping to create peace in Israel through salsa. If you’re still skeptical, just watch this clip. How come no one thought of this before?!


  • Merkaz Hamagshimim
    Tuesdays at 8pm
    Includes: Salsa, Marengue, Roueda, Cha Cha and Kumbia and Bacheta.
    Cost: 25 NIS
    Location: The Merkaz, 7a Dor Dor VeDorshav St.
    Phone: Dudu 050-856-3117
  • Candela Club
    Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays:
    21:00-22:30 – Learning Salsa LA style
    22:30-02:00 – Salsa Party
    Cost: 40 NIS
    Location: Rav Chen Mall, 16 Haoman St. Talpiot
    Phone: 050-565-3997
  • Mirage Club (really nice teachers, and even if you’re just learning, lots of good people to watch)
    Note: I heard this club moved to the Malha area (updated Mar 2009)
    Thursdays: Continue reading this entry »