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Spontaneous adventure: Israel’s last-minute travel sites

pi.pngWhenever I see a Hebrew newspaper, I pretend to read the headlines and then head straight for the last few pages to get a glimpse of all the travel deals to Amsterdam, Barcelona, Budapest, etc. for crazy prices like $200 for 4 days and nights in Istanbul. I know that these last-minute trips are reliable since my friend was lucky enough to travel to Italy through Daka90 . As for convenience… it should be noted that she left the very same day she bought the ticket.

So far, these trips haven’t worked out for me. I just have a really hard time seeing how to juggle spontaneity and responsibility. Has it suddenly become acceptable to give approximately 10 minutes notice before packing and heading off to the Netherlands for 3 nights. Is it possible to take advantage of one of these trips or is this a luxury for the non-working or rich.. which when you think about…

Here’s a list of Israeli services that offer last minute travel deals, packages, and flights. Continue reading this entry »