The Big Felafel

How to find an apartment in Jerusalem and the rest of Israel

A list of the apartment websites that have been helpful to me and hopefully will continue to be helpful to others. If you have updates about these sites or new sites, leave me a comment.

1. Magar Meida (English and Hebrew): Daily email with latest listings. Costs roughly 250 shekels for 2 months. You can freeze the membership after you find an apartment. The fee is well worth it.

2. Flathunting (English)

3. Janglo – Real Estate section (English)

4. Yad2 (Hebrew)

5. Homeless (Hebrew)

6. Sheal (Hebrew)

7. Hebrew U. (Hebrew)

8. (English)

9. (Hebrew)

10. Craiglist (English) Beware of West Africa Apartment scams

11. Madas (Hebrew)

12. WinWin (Hebrew)

13. BipBop (Hebrew)

14. Homely (Hebrew)