The Big Felafel

Sheruts are definitely the way to go, running 24 hours

I went to Tel Aviv the other night for the first time in a very very very long time. Despite the fact that Tel Aviv is technically pretty close, all that traveling on busses is enough to keep me away. I believe the last time was for WordCamp and iDrink. This time it was for a birthright israel party. An open bar birthright party, I might add. But Rebecca, you didn’t go on birthright, did you? No, I couldn’t since I had already been to Israel on organized tours. But luckily, Molly did, and she was able to get me in somehow. Here’s the crazy part.. Ivri Lider was invited to light the chanukah candles which was pretty surreal. The truth is, it could’ve been any Israeli- looking guy and I would’ve believed it was him (a little tip for the next celebrity planned at these events). And then he just stuck around like he wanted to be there. It felt good to feel young, get a little tipsy, and dance until 2am.

But I digress. I wanted to mention some tips I learned from my travels to that far off land of TA (Have it stand for what you will). Continue reading this entry »