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Where to Study Graphic Design in Israel

I’m finishing up the Graphic Design and Multimedia program at John Bryce in Jerusalem and thought I’d review the course and recommend other resources for people interested in graphic and web design in Israel.


If you made Aliyah within the last 3 years, you may be entitled to some major discounts off these schools. But you’ll need to check with Misrad Haklitah or Misrad Hastudentim first.

Graphic and Web Design Schools / Programs

Below are some of the better known schools for graphic design in Israel. Almost all the courses are in Hebrew, but don’t let that stop you since the software is in English. At first, I thought the Hebrew would be extremely challenging, but by the second day, I caught on to the Hebrish lingo of “checkbox-im”, “undo-im”, and “tab-im”. And by the end of the course, I had a whole notebook full of these little phrases.

Also, many of these schools offer other creative classes such as video editing, jewelry design, animation, etc.

Considering that these are design schools, let’s see how creative and effective their websites are. After receiving grades throughout the year, it feels good to give back a little constructive criticism.

Please leave a comment if you have a review of a school or if I left any out, which is very very possible.



John Bryce Doesn’t sound Jewish, but hey…

Location: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv & Haifa

Phone: *6460; In Jerusalem, 02-678-1881 and you have to push 011 after you dial.

Length of Course: 10 months (in theory). Due to snow days (in Israel, crazy – right?), teacher sick days, random no-days, it turned into a year. Classes are twice a week at night for 3.5 hours each. Don’t worry, you get breaks, and a free coffee machine. You receive a certificate of completion at the end although I’m not sure how valuable the certificate is, since portfolios carry the real weight in the design world. So if you work hard on the projects during the course you’ll come away with a nice portfolio.

Programs Taught: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, ImageReady, Flash/Actionscript

Overall Review: B+ I can now use each of the design programs pretty easily and quickly, but there is still much more to learn and practice but Photoshop and Flash are no longer scary programs where I don’t even know where to start. However, the program lacked in teaching design principles and fundamentals. In an amazing bookabout design for non-designers, Robin Williams (not the comedian) teaches basic design principles simply and brilliantly, but unfortunately John Bryce never mentioned any of her ideas. Also, I felt like the Dreamweaver section spent too much time on building websites with tables, and not enough time on DIV’s and CSS.

Website Review: D Annoying sound when you enter which I couldn’t figure out how to turn off, crazy flying flash sections in sidebar, inside pages look much different than home page, scrolling welcome message unnecessary.


Bezalel: Academy of Art and Design

Location: Jerusalem

Phone: 02-5893323 Email:

Length: 4 years – Bachelor’s Degree

You’ll Learn: Visual Communications: Graphic/typographic design, Interactive design, Broadcast design (including animation), Illustration, and Advertising

Website Review: A I love the clean looking design and colorful photo. Nice touches of Flash. Easy to use menu with good English section.


Hadassah School of Practical Engineering

Location: Jerusalem

Phone: 02-6291932 Email:

Length: 2 years – Associate’s degree

Track: Print Production

You’ll Learn: Typography, Graphic Design, Website Design, Drawing & Sketching, Engraving and Etching, more

Track: Interactive Communications (Internet and Multimedia)

You’ll learn: Design for user interface, HTML, Introduction to Java, Introduction to Photography Three Dimensional Images and Animation, Website Production, Interactive Animation, more

Website Review: B+ Very informative with a good English section and usability, but could use a little creativity

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