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3 websites to find out what’s going on in Jerusalem

Bored? Out of the loop? Hate when people ask questions when they can’t hear the answer? Here are 3 websites that should keep you filled in on the latest events, plays, festivals, comedy nights, and everything else that is happening in J-town.

1. jerusalemblueprint – The Jerusalem Blueprint takes after the New York version – NYBluePrint, a Jewish newspaper focusing on events happening in the Jewish community. It is the most comprehensive listing of Jerusalem events that I’ve come across and severely underpublicized. The secret is out.

2. janglo – Oh Janglo, where would I be today without you? The addictive Jerusalem message board has its own calendar for events happening all over Israel, not just Jerusalem.

3. gojerusalemGo Jerusalem, which I covered earlier, is Nir Barkat’s baby, and is a good reference for events happening in Jerusalem and also features lists of bars, restaurants, and other touristy stuff. This is where I found out about the soup festival. As Danny pointed out in the comments, good call on the dome of the rock – subliminal messages, Nir?

Who said 3? I’ll find you.. I meant 5. So here’s a bonus:

4. jerusalemite1.jpg Jerusalemite is the new kid in town and is still in Beta. It is a cultural guide to Jerusalem and so far it looks like a really fun and energetic site, making me want to run out and find new places to explore. It will take a lot of effort to keep it updated and fresh, but I for one will appreciate it.

5.muni.jpg Jerusalem Municipality – If you can navigate your way through this site in English or Hebrew and find all the details about an event happening in Jerusalem, you get a big high five. I was hesitant about listing this site because I find it confusing and try to use it as little as possible. But, I gueeesss it’s the official site of Jerusalem, so I should really include it.



Janglo goes comments, where’s the heads up?


As we know, Janglo, the can’t-function-without-it Jerusalem Anglo community website has undergone many changes – starting out as a Yahoo group and transitioning to a more user-friendly site at with RSS feeds, an event calendar, and now the most revolutionary feature- comments. Previously, when someone would post something common, like today’s FREESWAP: ROOSTER, people would respond only to that person who posted and no one else could benefit from the responses.

But today, everything changed in Janglo-land. For better or for worse. Continue reading this entry »

Shimon the Mover

They say that moving is the second or third most stressful thing in our lives. Lately, I’ve heard some pretty horrible stories about people getting taken advantage of, having their wallet stolen, etc, I’m starting to see where these statistics come from.

Whenever I come across someone who is honest, nice, and serious about what they do, I want to make sure they get all the business they deserve. Shimon the Mover is that guy. I might not know his last name, but he’s moved me into 2 different apartments, moved all my friends, and always with a smile and a great price. He is bilingual, too, which really helps. He is hardworking and really friendly. The more people you have to help him, the better deal you’ll get. Make sure to book him in advance.

Shimon’s number: 057- 733-7440

In case he’s not available or you have other needs, here is a fabulous list of movers put together by Jangloers

How to find an apartment in Jerusalem and the rest of Israel

A list of the apartment websites that have been helpful to me and hopefully will continue to be helpful to others. If you have updates about these sites or new sites, leave me a comment.

1. Magar Meida (English and Hebrew): Daily email with latest listings. Costs roughly 250 shekels for 2 months. You can freeze the membership after you find an apartment. The fee is well worth it.

2. Flathunting (English)

3. Janglo – Real Estate section (English)

4. Yad2 (Hebrew)

5. Homeless (Hebrew)

6. Sheal (Hebrew)

7. Hebrew U. (Hebrew)

8. (English)

9. (Hebrew)

10. Craiglist (English) Beware of West Africa Apartment scams

11. Madas (Hebrew)

12. WinWin (Hebrew)

13. BipBop (Hebrew)

14. Homely (Hebrew)

How to find a job in Israel – helpful websites

Updated Feb 9, 2015

Here’s a list of helpful employment websites for job seekers:

  1. Israemploy: (English) Daily updates. 36 NIS per month.
  2. Janglo (English)
  3. Nefesh B’Nefesh Linkedin Job Board (English)
  4. Gvahim Linkedin Job Board (English)
  5. Digital Eve Israel (English) Yahoo Group for professional women, though open to men and women.
  6. Nefesh B’Nefesh’s list of a gazillion employment resources!!
  7. Alljobs (Hebrew)
  8. Shatil (non profit) (Hebrew)
  9. Muvtal (Hebrew)
  10. Drushim (Hebrew)
  11. Manpower (Hebrew)

Networking events in Jerusalem:

Newsletters & Events for job seekers:

  • Janglo Newsletter: Janglo’s weekly newsletter is amazing! Packed full of useful tidbits, they often feature networking events, conferences, and job-related news.
  • Nefesh B’Nefesh Events: Nefesh B’Nefesh regularly runs interview workshops and employment consulting in different cities across the country.
  • AACI Newsletter: AACI often offers navigational series lectures that cover finding a job in Israel and career advice. They also have a weekly professional women’s networking forum.
  • Gvahim Events: Gvahim connects international talents into the Israeli economy and society. Their programs leverage highly-skilled immigrants, mentors & recruiters from Israel’s top companies and major actors in the startup world. This enables Olim to succeed professionally in Israel and contribute to the Israeli ‘Brain Gain’.


  • Tzeirim BaMerkaz (Young Adults in Jerusalem): offers an internship program for Jerusalemites who have completed at least a BA. For more info, contact Roni at or call 02-623-2224.
  • Big list of Israel internships 2015