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“Safe Sex in the Holy City”

worldaidsdayIt’s World AIDS Day once again and we still don’t have a cure. That said we must continue to stay safe and informed about the disease. Here in Jerusalem it seems we’re more worried about terrorist attacks, getting jay-walking tickets or a spontaneous protest headed up by those crazy Haredis (see what happens when you don’t have TV, you have to make your own Entertainment at the expense of others). But the truth is, AIDS is a deadly disease in Israel just like the rest of the world. And even if it doesn’t make headlines like the Swine Flu, it’s still affecting your life and your loved ones.

Staying safe and informed is the best way to battle the disease until we find a cure and the Jerusalem Open House is the best way to do that. The organization has a weekly clinic open on Sundays which provides a free and completely anonymous rapid HIV testing service, as well as counseling, information and education about HIV/ AIDS. The clinic has also packed up their bags and visited other sites to give these free and anonymous tests. This World AIDS Day they will be at The Hebrew University’s Mt. Scopus campus giving those tests to students and staff alike.worldaids2

As well as the free testing, the organization will be celebrating “Safe Sex in the Holy City” Thursday, Dec. 3rd at the Talpiot club ‘Campus’ where your NIS 40 entrance fee will support the clinic. The night’s festivities will begin at 11:30pm and rock on until the wee hours of early morning. Best of all there will be a drag show to keep us entertain while staying safe.

And so to get you in the party mood, I remind you of the World AIDS Day post I wrote about last year.

For more info about the organization check out their website or contact Shira at

Tel Aviv and the Party Factor

It’s true that Tel Aviv is only a 45 minute bus ride away, but lets face it I never go there. But that doesn’t mean I won’t go to Tel Aviv it just means I need a good reason. And the Free Birthright Alumni party was all the incentive this girl needed to get out of Jerusalem for a Saturday night.Yes indeed, Tel Aviv is party central and not just compared to Jerusalem, but a friend recently told me that Tel Aviv has more bars per area then any other city in the world. And while I didn’t check out every bar or club in Tel Aviv I still managed to find where the party was at! Continue reading this entry »