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How to renew your U.S. passport in Jerusalem

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If only the U.S Consulate would greet you with freshly-made Dunkin Donuts doughnuts and muffins, a Starbucks white-chocolate mocha and a fully-stocked Target, it might make up for the annoying process of renewing your passport and venturing into East Jerusalem.

If I could award one website with the worst usability, that special prize would go to.. wait for it.. the Jerusalem U.S. Consulate. After reading and re-reading each section of the site, the big question for me was still, how do people aged 16-26 renew their passport?!!! I pretended to fit into the over 26 category and it worked out, but um… some headlines and clarity would be nice.  Americans are supposed to have a good reputation for clear instructions. Especially compared to the Israeli system. C’mon people!

In case you want to know how I went about it, or in case I need to do it again, here are the steps I took to renewing my passport.

Step 1: Make an appointment by clicking here. Mine took at  least a month in advance to schedule.

Step 2: Read the U.S. Consulate website about 30 times to decide which form to fill out. In the end, I needed the DS-82 application so I printed it and filled it out.

Step 3: Prepare the following:

  • DS-82 Passport Application
  • Most recent passport and photocopy
  • Two identical passport photographs – 2 x 2 inches (5cm x 5cm) showing full front view of the face with a white or off-white background only.
  • $75 USD or the equivalent shekels
  • 30 shekels for courier mail service

Step 4: Travel to 14 David Flusser in the Arnona neighborhood of Jerusalem 27 Nablus / Shchem St. which is off of Kvish 1 by the Paz Gas station.  Maps, emails, phone number, and more details.

P.S. You can renew by mail or in person. But considering I don’t trust the Israeli mail system, and, get this, the Consulate emailed me that they don’t recommend it, I went in person.

Contact Info for the Jerusalem U.S. Consulate:

Phone: 02-628-7137 or 02-622-7219
Fax: 02-627-2233

Disclaimer: Please thoroughly check the Consulate site for updated information and to ensure you bring all the correct paperwork.