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Dealbox – Keeping up with all the deals and sales in Israel


It’s not exactly mysupermarket, but Dealbox is trying to keep Israeli consumers updated with deals at hundreds of stores. You can configure ‘deal’ emails by selecting the categories you’re interested in hearing about such as fashion, computers, electronics, food, etc. You can further customize your settings by checking the boxes next to stores you where you like to shop, most of which are big name chains like Mega Supermarket, Castro, Golf, B.U.G but there are also a bunch I’ve never heard of.

Or, if you’re sick of getting newsletters, you can just look at the homepage which features current deals and sales. Amazing how every store just happens to be having a 50% off sale or the 1+1 sale that they’re a big fan of around here. Could it be a ploy to get you to come into the store?! No, never…

Here’s the latest Zara sale and I have to admit that it is tempting…