The Big Felafel

The 35 shekel haircut

Update: Turns out that Mr. Zikri owes millions on the grey market and therefore has shut down his beauty salons. Real bummer. The only thing I can recommend now is to wait for a good deal to show up on group deal sites like Groupon or the like.

You may not be able to remember the name of the salon (was it shuki zuki? shuki zukri?), and you might not want a student cutting your hair, but at the end of the day, the satisfaction of having a cheap, 35 shekel haircut is what will make you smile.

Shuki Zikri is a haircutting school in downtown Jerusalem that lets its students try out their skills on those that want a cheap haircut. They can cut, color, blowdry, etc for much less than if a ‘real’ hairdresser did it. But who can be bothered with professionals – at Shuki you don’t have to even make an appointment – you just show up. Once they shampoo and massage your head (my favorite part), they take you to a chair, pull out their handy dandy ghetto haircutting kit, and start sectioning off your hair, about 40 times until you beg them to move on to the cutting part. Maybe that’s what they focused on in their classes that day?! And not to worry, if they mess up and you notice it’s a little uneven, their teacher comes over and fixes everything. Continue reading this entry »