The Big Felafel

Shimon the Mover

They say that moving is the second or third most stressful thing in our lives. Lately, I’ve heard some pretty horrible stories about people getting taken advantage of, having their wallet stolen, etc, I’m starting to see where these statistics come from.

Whenever I come across someone who is honest, nice, and serious about what they do, I want to make sure they get all the business they deserve. Shimon the Mover is that guy. I might not know his last name, but he’s moved me into 2 different apartments, moved all my friends, and always with a smile and a great price. He is bilingual, too, which really helps. He is hardworking and really friendly. The more people you have to help him, the better deal you’ll get. Make sure to book him in advance.

Shimon’s number: 057- 733-7440

In case he’s not available or you have other needs, here is a fabulous list of movers put together by Jangloers