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Shmita Unplugged- laws, loopholes, and support groups

As Jerry Seinfeld might put it, what’s the deal with shmita? This is my first time in Israel for a Shmita year and I’ve tried to understand all the laws and practices about 15 times and I still have a blank look on my face. Luckily, I found a handy dandy Shmita FAQ by Rabbi Weiss in Ranaana, a Yahoo support group, and a website for all my Shmita cuirosities. Here’s a shocking bit about shmita in Israel, the supermarkets don’t feel any differnet – no signs, no labels, no special shmita rabbi, just the same old same old. And one more comment before the real deal about shmita, whats with the spelling – I’ve seen the following versions: shmita, shmitta, shmittah, shemittah, shmmmmmmitah. It’s out of control.

Here’s a simplified slice from Rabbi Weiss’ Q&A. Continue reading this entry »