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Yay for Helpful websites

I like finding helpful websites, especially in such a balagan (crazy, chaos) of a country. And, when I learn about these websites I just want to share them with my friends and people that I never met but read this blog for some strange reason. is awesome. It is user-friendly and is more organized than the thoughts in my mind. The home page allows you to choose from several different countries and I of course chose Israel. Without even being a member of the site I was able to search through every kind of topic that matters to me. This included jobs, housing, sales, events, lectures and the best part: Movie listings in English.

For the more Religious crowd they have info about Minyans, gemachs and mikvahs throughout Israel. Naturally I signed up as a member, which was free and easy and gives me yet another thing to do during the day rather than work.

After I checked the important movie time listings I started checking out the stuff that doesn’t really apply to my life but maybe could. That’s when I stumbled upon my forgotten goal of learning Spanish. Well thank god I found Kehillaton who led me to a cheap Spanish tutor and saved the day.

My quest through the posts led me to emailing info to friend’s looking for cars, apartments and jobs. Then after I felt that I had helped everyone in need I rewarded myself with my own post. Everything was super easy and straightforward. Obviously I highly recommend using the site and sharing it with loved ones and strangers alike.


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  1. * Rachel says:

    Since I read this article I have been obsessed with this website. Thanks so much for posting it!

    | Reply Posted 15 years, 9 months ago

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