The Big Felafel

Return Policy – think again

homecenter.jpgvs. zaralogo.jpg

Unlike America, when you want to return something in Israel, be prepared for an uphill battle. They might give you store credit, but almost never will they give you your money back. Even with the receipt.

One extreme is Zara, who gave me one week to return a skirt, and only for store credit. When looking for a good photo of Zara, I came across this image. But when they mess up… then they’ll give you a refund. Just gotta wait around for those faulty jackets and attached compasses (?!)


The other extreme is only Home Center, who let me return a shower curtain and gave me back actual money. Shekels in the flesh. A given is that you have the receipt, of course. And I’m not sure what the time limit is, but I wouldn’t wait more than a month.


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