The Big Felafel

Ulpan…c’mon everybody’s doing it.

Ulpan in Israel is all the rage when you first move here. ‘Which ulpan are you at?’ is one of the first questions we ask each other so we know we’re not alone in our craving to master the Hebrew language.

My ulpan of choice was Ulpan Milah, since I moved to Israel before making Aliyah. I did Milah from Level Bet all the way through Vav, which took me less than two years, with breaks to America during the summers. The hours were really flexible, the price fair, the teachers excellent, and the 2 shekel coffee machine unbeatable.

They are located in downtown Jerusalem, and you can find more about Ulpan Milah by calling them: 02- 623-3164 or visiting their website.

When you finish the ulpan circuit, you feel more or less prepared to explore the language. It is then that you truly enter the unpredictable world of Hebrew words such as pateti for pathetic, or autenti for authentic, or siluetta for silhouette. And then you wonder, why did I need Ulpan in the first place?



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  1. * Daniel says:

    How can you move to Israel before making Aliyah?
    Aren’t they one and the same?

    | Reply Posted 14 years, 9 months ago
  2. * Rebecca says:

    Daniel: Making aliyah means officially declaring you’ve moved to Israel with the Israeli government and you can then receive gov’t benefits (money, education, etc.). You can live in Israel for a little while (i think it’s under 18 mos.) and still be eligible for aliyah benefits.

    | Reply Posted 14 years, 9 months ago

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