The Big Felafel

The Ultimate Felafel Photo Contest


It’s time for a contest. Let’s spice things up and add a felafel ball or two into our empty pita lives.

Announcing the big felafel’s 1st ever Felafel / Falafel Photo Contest to find the most creative felafel picture ever.

It’s time to get out there to your fave felafel stand, stuff yer face or someone else’s and take some funny pictures.

To participate, submit pictures of yourself, friends, family or strangers (with their consent- nothing shady) to win the ultimate felafel picture contest. All pictures will be uploaded to our website and carefully judged by felafel experts from around the world.

Start date: Now, what are you doing reading this? (October 28,2007)

End date: November 30, 2007 at midnight(Israel time)

Rules: Submit unlimited amount of felafel pictures to You must include your first name, age, email address, where you are from, where the picture was taken, and a one line caption for each picture.

By submitting your pictures you give The Big Felafel consent to upload the pictures to our website along with your first name, age and location. Your email address will be kept private.

Winners: The Big Felafel team along with our felafel experts will pick three winners.

Prize: The only prize fit for a Felafel winner- A free felafel at Felafel King in Jerusalem, Israel.


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