The Big Felafel

Leave it to the teachers to teach us how to protest

The teachers may not be in school, but they sure are everywhere. Finally we have a group of people that know how to fight the fight.

Israel may allow a corrupt government to stay in office but the teachers will not let the evil doers get away with destroying our future generation.

Leave it to the teachers to teach us how to protest. Unlike the recent protests of concerts, tents in the middle of the city that no one paid attention too- these protests are the real deal. They are yelling in front of the Knesset, waving their signs on Keren HaYesod and enjoying horn honking citizens sharing in their mission.

I can only hope the protest fever spreads quickly and get us all a little more involved in fighting the frauds keeping us from the better Israel. While the Pioneering days of Israel may be over lets hope the Protesting days are just getting started.


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