The Big Felafel

And you thought Italian was a pretty language

The most beautiful word in the Hebrew language is mos’ definitely Chaki, accent on the first syllable, rhymes with cocky, with that extra special chhhh sound that lets me clear my throat guilt-free. This is not to be confused with a similar word meaning to wait. No, this is the word for what in English is known as the color khaki. The not so pretty color apparently has its own not so pretty version in Hebrew.

Lately I’ve been experiencing major writers block. I knew I couldn’t write until I felt passionately about something. Thankfully, hearing this word Chaki over and over in my graphic design class made me realize just how beautiful this Hebrew language truly is. In 3 years of living in Israel, and only now am I treated to some of the more rare and beautiful words. Try it for yourself. Say it as your walk down the street, pick out your outfit for the day, as you’re about to eat- this delectable word is bound to drum up an appetite. I’ll take 2 Chakis, please. Hold the loogie.


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