The Big Felafel

Did anybody else notice this wacky bus story?

Although I don’t usually focus on news stories, this one particularly caught my eye. (See full article below or at Jpost)

It appears that a man was neglected by Egged at a Kiryat Ye’arim station. Awww… Next thing you know, that guy is getting 18,000 shekels from Egged! Still feel sorry for him?

Is Israel turning into America? Will people be suing Cafe Hillel over too-hot coffee that accidentally spilled in their lap? I find this story unbelievable for so many reasons. Let’s try to break down why.

First of all, the fact that Egged is actually paying is almost more miraculous than Chanukah itself.

Second, that somebody actually took a stand against the bureaucracy and unaccountability that is Israel.

Third of all, that they actually won!

My only conclusion can be this. Protexia. This guy definitely knows someone who knows someone’s mom who helped him throughout this process. I just think to myself, if the Egged bus that I wanted to take to Tel Aviv never came, it seems more likely that I would get blamed and yelled at by other passengers and the next bus driver at than the possibility , the sheer possibility, that I would ever be awarded money for the oversight.

This has to be the most ridiculous/amazing/heroic thing that has ever happened. Bravo Mr. Bus Misser.

Now, if only they took our advice about having a ticket machine at the central bus station. People would have assigned seats and all chaos would disappear. But maybe it’s the chaos that people cling to for security. I wouldn’t want to take that away from anyone…

If you need me, I’ll be at an obscure bus stop in Kfar Yomama, hoping to G-d that the bus doesn’t show up.

Here’s a screenshot of the article, just in case the link to the jpost breaks at some point in the future. This one’s a keeper.



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