The Big Felafel

Israeli view on spaghetti, meatballs, and the New Hampshire race

As I watched the sign-language translation in the corner of the six o’clock news, hoping to get a peek at how they really translate Olmert into Hebrew sign language, I perked up as the news anchor called their New Hampshire correspondent, Moshe… in an Italian restaurant. As I watched the 2 minute clip rerun of people entering this restaurant, I listened to Moshe, the owner, talk about how hungry the candidates were, piling into his restaurant as soon as they could and staying there till the late hours.

Now this is my kind of news – I couldn’t tell you a thing about the primaries or how they worked – but I could tell you that Giuliani stuffed his face with pizza in New Hampshire. Israeli Journalism at its best. Apparently, if he speaks Hebrew and he’s in America, that’s good enough for us.

Basically, Israel’s Channel 2 News seems to be ok with getting the news from this guy:


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