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Sderot to Egypt: Sue You! That’s Our Rocket and it Comes With A Bang!

sderot.jpgWhen I was growing up in LA we lived life a little differently then the rest of the world. For example, if someone made fun of me and I gave them a taste of their own medicine, the final outcome would be, “so sue me.” We learned early on that suing someone was the best form of attack and could really do the most damage.Now that I live in Israel it seems that Israelis have finally learned the art form of suing. The critical goal of suing someone is to “stick it to them.” When you sue someone you are sending a message to the other side that you are done being Mr. Nice-guy and want to fight dirty- even dirtier than guerilla warfare, you want to fight and bring your lawyers.

The latest and greatest Israeli court battle is Sderot vs. Egypt. Ten Sderot families are suing the Egyptian government for NIS 260 million in damages for family members who were killed or seriously wounded by Kassam rockets fired at the town from the Gaza Strip, according to The Jerusalem Post.

As bold as this move is the media outside of the Jewish world was not interested in publizing the case. Why? It’s simple, Israel is not being the “aggressor” and launching air strikes and therefore this news is not sexy. But what the media doesn’t seem to understand is that this case will be the ultimate mortal combat.

As we all follow a Road Map to the candy land of Peace we are bound to have more rocket attacks throughout the country. My advice is to keep the lawsuit open and make it a class action suit that every Israeli citizen can participate in. And let’s not put a price on it yet, after all if the number of rockets doubles, so will the causalities and with that the damages.
I am good at this suing game since I have been playing it for awhile, now I just have to sign up and get ready to stick it to them!


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