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Are Israeli mopeds made of legos? [photos]

I have started to take my camera with me everywhere so here is my first photo observation:

Israeli mopeds are made of legos

Lego moped

moped in israel

After growing up with my brother and his thousands of legos, I can safely say that this Israeli moped looks astonishingly similar to this:


If you’re thinking, wow she’s dorky, you’ll appreciate this video.

White and Nerdy

And if that’s still not enough for ya, here’s an awesome blog about stuff that white people like that I found out about from Sabra at heart


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  1. * Benji says:

    Cool video. How do people have so much time on their hands to make these things?

    | Reply Posted 15 years ago
  2. I love you two so much. Please sweet Jesus always post these videos you seem to find.

    | Reply Posted 15 years ago

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