The Big Felafel

The Big Felafel featured on Guy Kawasaki’s Alltop Israel page


Alltop says you can think of their site as a digital magazine rack that collects stories from all the top sites on the web. They group the info “into individual Alltop sites based on topics such as environment, photography, science,” and now Israel! The Israel page features many of the big name bloggers in Israel, and also some new bloggers I hadn’t heard of that I’ll have to catch up on. You can read more about Guy Kawasaki, the man behind Alltop and how it got started on the about page. Thanks Guy for listing The Big Felafel!

The greatest part about Alltop is that Guy listens to his Twitter friends’ recommendations for who to list as the top blogs for each category. All 15,000 + friends. He’s even following The Big Felafel, if you can believe it. That’s why Twitter is so easy to love, it connects you to people you would’ve never been able to talk to otherwise.


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