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H&M and Gap stores heading to Israel (finally!)

Well it’s about time. Rumor has it that H&M and Gap will be opening up stores in Israel by 2010. 2010?! Why you gotta keep us waiting like that? We’ve already been looking forward to the Light Rail in Jerusalem and the fast train to Tel Aviv for, oh, several years now. I don’t know if I can handle another grand opening to look forward to. And so the race is on. Which will arrive first –  an H&M store or an express train from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv? It’s a tough call, but I think we may be sporting some trendy yet affordable dresses before being able to hop over to Tel Aviv to show them off.

hmisrael gapisrael

H&M and Gap make aliyah. Good call, Ynet.


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  1. For us vatikim the rumors of longed-for retailers are sobered by the realities of all those rumors which alas were true, but with time not only came, but also went.

    Being a man, I understand paying outrageously overpriced amounts for food, but clothing? That can keep until the next visit to the Old Country.

    What of Dunkin Donuts, Wendy’s and Carvel? All have come and gone from Jerusalem’s tapestry of eateries.

    Last time I flew back from the States, I hopped by Dougie’s on Main Street in Queens on the way to the airport and bought two thick NY deli sandwiches to go – long distance.

    Let’s hope that along with the retailers, the culinary crafts of overseas follow soon.

    Anyone for NY deli?

    | Reply Posted 14 years, 5 months ago
  2. * Molly says:

    Don’t play with me! I will have to start saving now. I just hope it is not the European fashions that they bring, but the American style!

    | Reply Posted 14 years, 5 months ago
  3. * Sandra says:

    In Antwerp, Belgium, where I am from, we were pampered with no less than three H&M stores on one street, the main shopping spot in the city. Single and a mother of four, I liked their style, quality and (most importantly) prices. I also like to pop over to our local IKEA branch, for the same reasons. But the Netanya IKEA branch sometimes being as much as 100% more expensive than its European counterparts, I don’t expect H&M to bring us cheap fashion… I sure hope they WILL bring us the European stuff!!!

    | Reply Posted 14 years, 3 months ago

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