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Yay Women!

Vagina Monologues IsraelI’m a woman everyday of the year (even if I don’t act like one). I bring up this fact because today is International Women’s Day where we celebrate women and their achievements! Yay team women! As we reflect on our progress, we step back and realize that there is still a hell of a lot more to conquer. Boo!

The Jerusalem Post published a depressing article about the long path ahead in Israel, pointing out that although a bunch of women became Knesset members in the last national elections, “data shows that the number of women in management positions in Israeli companies stands at 14.8 percent – five percent less than last year. A global average of women in management positions stands at 30%.”

The article’s data was collected from Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics, which somehow have stats for the high level of optimism women have despite their salaries being a third less than men in parallel positions. Does that sound right to you? Because frankly, I am pooping my pants knowing a man is doing the same job as me and making a lot more. So unless I am cheering for poopy pants, I can’t say I’m optimistic about the situation. No “yay poop!”

Friends, we women must stick together and recognize how awesome we are. And I have a way we can literally show our support. Sure it might be a cheap plug, but it is a worthy one. What is it? Show your support by purchasing a ticket to this year’s Vagina Monologues.

The Vagina Monologues is a part of an international movement to help stop violence against women. The monologues are being performed throughout Israel. The show will be presented March 26th and March 28th in Jerusalem and one performance on March 23rd in Tel Aviv (there are other performances, but I just don’t know the exact dates).

All three performances are being presented by BaMatMaBat Theater Company. The company seeks to utilize the stage as a platform to inspire dialogue about taboo social, religious, and political issues. They will definitely get their message across with the monologues. The show is open to both women and men, so encourage your male friends, partners, co-workers(anger!) and even the random males in your lives to come see the show.

A note about the Vagina Monologues Performances:

March 26, 2009 8pm

March 28, 2009 9pm

Performance held at the Merkaz Hamagshmin in the German Colony.

90% of the proceeds will go to the women’s organization COHI and the other 10% will go to V-Day. Tickets are NIS 60 after.

For more information or to order tickets contact or see the event on Facebook.


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  1. Can I support both women and poopy pants?

    | Reply Posted 14 years ago
  2. * Molly says:

    I would say yes, as long as that kind of thing doesn’t turn you on!

    | Reply Posted 14 years ago

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