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Happy Hannukah Shuk Style!

EliShuk's for real!

The Mahane Yehuda Shuk is one of my most favorite places in Jerusalem. Almost everything is cheap. You can sample the fruit or the nuts with just a wink of the eye. There are so many different smells you can’t tell the good ones from the fish-head ones. And you get to meet a very unique part of Israeli society, from those that do all their shopping there, to the people that have owned their stalls for generations.

I recently found out that a friend of mine, Alex King, not only has a father-in-law with a stall in the Iraqi shuk, but that he also has the stall online…on Facebook. Not only is this awesome, but I am pretty sure this is the only shuk shop branching out into the social media world.  Alex admits his father-in-law is not the most web savy person, but is just as excited to share his shop online as he is to any customer in the shuk.

For anyone that has out of town guests, tourists or just friends that want to go to the shuk, you should definitely make Eli’s shop a part of the tour. As a part of the online presence, Eli uploads pictures of the latest products and makes sure to give his online audience a special treat with giveaways! Ahhh, now I really have your attention! What kind of treats are we talking about?

Well click hereto score yourself some delicious chocolate coins just in time for Hannukah, and stay tuned for other yummy goods.  And now for a little Q&A about the man behind the stall, the treats and the Facebook page!


Hannukah giveaway

When did Eli’s shop first open in the shuk?
The shop at its current location was established in 1958 by Na’im Shkuri, Eli’s father who immigrated from Iraq in 1951. Up until 1978 the shop sold fruits and vegetables. Since 1978 it branched out into confectionary and in recent years other areas such as electrical goods.

Who is this Eli?

Eli of Eli's Shop

Eli of Eli's Shop

Eli Ben-Na’im was born in Amhara in Southern Iraq. He made Aliyah in 1951 and moved to Jerusalem. He spent his teenage years in Kibbutz Ein Karmel in the North. He served in a combat unit in the army. He has served in all of Israel’s wars from the 1956 Sinai Campaign up to and including the 1982 Lebanon War. He is married, has four daughters and seven grandchildren (with number 8 on the way!). Eli has worked in the shuk since the mid- 1950’s.

Why did Eli decide to bring the shuk shop online?
The shop has been online for half a year now. The Facebook platform was chosen because it offers great social media tools and can also act as a website for the shop, even for people who don’t have Facebook.

All the merchandise in the shop can be seen on the page (in the photo album section) and new products are regularly added.


Sweets for your sweetie!

The page gives the shop a way to communicate with its customers and the wall offers a forum for the customers to post and to talk, fostering a little “on-line shuk community”.

Moreover, all the photos, updates and posts give the user a “taste of the shuk on your computer” which is widely enjoyed by fans that outside of Jerusalem and all over the world.

Most importantly, the page offers fans special deals and discounts from time to time, so click “like” so you can enjoy them!

What is unique about Eli’s shop?
Eli has worked in the shop since it was established in 1958 making the shop probably the last remaining family-run establishment in the “Iraqi Shuk” part of the market that is still staffed by the original founding members. It retains its authentic old-fashioned Jerusalem shuk character. (Most other shops in the Iraqi Shuk are now rented out or subcontracted to hired workers).

To learn more about Eli’s Shop, products click here.

To find Eli click here.


25+ Daily Deal and Group Deal websites in Israel

Update: Groopbuy is no longer around. But most of the other ones on this list are live and rockin’!

While there are plenty of daily deal sites to choose from, and it seems like every day a new site pops up, we here at The Big Felafel are big fans of GroopBuy.

And not just because of the Holy Bagel NIS 20 dozen that I purchased last month.

David Shadpour, the founder of GroopBuy and an American living in Jerusalem, has tailored the site to Jerusalem’s English-speaking community. We are the ones that often miss out on deals because we just don’t read Hebrew all that well (yet), know how to bargain or we are friars (suckers). David is my friend and if you didn’t know it he is your friend too, by giving us the opportunity to enjoy stores, restaurants and even gyms for more than half price (and often even upwards of 70% off the price).

Obsessed with GroopBuy as I am, I got a chance to sit down with David and hear what he had to say. “GroopBuy is the only daily deal website that gives deals everyday,” David explains to me. And it is true. A lot of these sites have deals for three days running which misses the point of buyer power and obviously the daily deal part. Not only that but David tells me, “Our discounts are 15 to 20 percent larger than other sites.” Another fact I love. GroopBuy also makes sure to have a variety of deals so you can enjoy paintball one day and a stylish hair cut another.

GroopBuy does its homework. The company has a very high standard of requirements in order to accept a deal. “We have over 60 deals that have not happened because they did not meet our requirements,” he says, adding that “of course there is always trial and error, but most importantly we want to hear from our customers about what they think about the places. If we hear something negative then chances are we aren’t going to re-sign them for another deal.” I love hearing that since I know that the person behind the site really believes in the places he promotes.

In addition to promoting quality places, GroopBuy also tries to spotlight new immigrant vendors, helping them get on their feet. David is committed to giving “protectsia” to the Anglo community.  David says, “We’re in this together.” And he’s right. If I could buy that statement on GroopBuy, I would even pay full price.

Here are some quick tips for using Daily Deal websites:

  • Check to see if the site accepts Israeli or international credit cards. If your order doesn’t go through, it’s probably because of the credit card you’re using.
  • Make sure you carefully read the fine print before buying a deal.
  • Always print your coupon and bring it with you.
  • Always make reservations for restaurants, hotels, etc.
  • If you see a deal that you think your friends would like, make sure to send it to them or even buy it for them!
  1. GroopBuy in English
    Cities: for Jerusalem only (Tel Aviv coming soon)
    Payment Options: Visa, Mastercard, Isracard, American Express, both Israeli and international
  2. Grouper in Hebrew
    Cities: Tel Aviv, Hod Hasharon, Haifa, Jerusalem, Ranana, Rishon Ltzion
    Payment Options: Visa, Mastercard, Isracard, American Express
  3. Groupon in Hebrew (English coming soon)
    Read about the recent announcement that Groupon is worth a measly $15 billion, and that they’ve acquired for $8million in order to enter the Israeli market.
    Cities: All of Israel
    Payment Options: Visa, Mastercard, Isracard, American Express
  4. Baligam in Hebrew
    Cities: Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv, Hasharon
    Payment Options: PayPal or credit card
  5. Kantina in Hebrew
    Cities: Jerusalem only (Tel Aviv coming soon)
    Payment Options: International credit card only
  6. Buy2 in Hebrew
    Cities: Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv/center, the south
    Payment Options: Doesn’t specify
  7. Deal Hayom in Hebrew
    Cities: Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, Be’er Sheva, Rishon Letzion
    Payment Options: Visa, Mastercard, Isracard, American Express
  8. Coupo in Hebrew
    Cities: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Be’er Sheva
    Payment Options: International credit card only
  9. Wallashops in Hebrew
    Cities: Jerusalem, The north, The center, The south
    Payment Options: Doesn’t specify
  10. Gozrim in Hebrew
    Focus on pregnancy, birth, and parenthood
    Cities: Jerusalem, The north, The center, The south
    Payment Options: All credit cards except for Diners
  11. Ima Like – in Hebrew
    Focus on pregnancy, birth, and parenthood
    Cities: All of Israel, with a focus on the Tel Aviv area
    Payment Options: All credit cards except for Diners
  12. Big Deal by Ynet in Hebrew
    Cities: All of Israel, focus on the Tel Aviv area
    Payment Options: Visa, Mastercard, Isracard, American Express, Leumi Card
  13. BesTours in Hebrew
    Travel site with vacations, package deals, mostly in Europe
    Payment Options: Visa, Mastercard, Isracard, American Express, Diners, Eurocard
  14. Groupli in Hebrew
    Cities: Tel Aviv area only
    Payment Options: Visa, Mastercard, Isracard, American Express
  15. Gargir in Hebrew
    Cities: Mostly Tel Aviv area
    Payment Options: Visa, Mastercard, Isracard, American Express
  16. Coupona in Hebrew
    Cities: Mostly Tel Aviv area
    Payment Options: Visa, Mastercard, Isracard, American Express
  17. Buddies in Hebrew
    Cities: Tel Aviv/center area only
    Payment Options: Visa, Mastercard, Isracard, American Express
  18. BuyCell in Hebrew
    Cities: Mostly Tel Aviv area
    Payment Options: Visa, Mastercard, American Express
  19. Yemama in Hebrew
    Cities: Tel Aviv, Haifa (Jerusalem coming soon)
    Payment Options: Visa, Mastercard, Isracard, American Express
  20. DealZone in Hebrew
    Cities: Tel Aviv area (Jerusalem and Haifa coming soon)
    Payment Options: All credit cards except for Diners
  21. ExpressDeal in Hebrew
    Cities: Mostly Tel Aviv area
    Payment Options: Visa, Mastercard, Isracard, American Express, Leumi Card
  22. YallaBuy in Hebrew (as in, Az Yalla Bye.. love the name!)
    Cities: Mostly Tel Aviv area
    Payment Options: Doesn’t specify
  23. Shave in Hebrew
    Cities: not sure, couldn’t see past deals
    Payment Options: Visa, Mastercard, Isracard, American Express
  24. Groupunch in Hebrew
    Cities: not sure, couldn’t see past deals
    Payment Options: Visa, Mastercard, Isracard, American Express
  25. DealOn in Hebrew and English
    Cities: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Be’er Sheva
  26. Jewpon in English
    Cities: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv
    Payment Options: Visa, Mastercard, American Express
  27. GroopScoop in English
    Hasn’t really launched yet
  28. Group-E in Hebrew for the religious
    Cities: All over Israel
    Payment Options: Visa, Mastercard, Isracard, Leumi Card
  29. Rak Ayom in Hebrew
    Cities: North, Center, Sharon, South
    Payment Options: Visa, Mastercard, Isracard, American Express
  30. Deal4All in Hebrew in Hebrew
    Cities: North, Center, Jerusalem area, South
  31. BaBeTov – in Hebrew geared toward the religious
  32. DealCity – in Hebrew
  33. Grouping (coming soon) in Hebrew
  34. Zing – in Hebrew
  35. Alut – in Hebrew
  36. Israel Coupon – in Hebrew
  37. YouToo – in Hebrew

Deal Aggregates

  1. JangloDeals on facebook, a listing of deals in Israel in English
  2. Ideals
  3. DayDeals on facebook or the website
  4. Everydeal
  5. Get it All
  6. DailyD
  7. Cliqa
  8. Tavo
  9. Zap

A Guide to Birth in Jerusalem: The deals, The clothes, The bureaucracy

Baby Pasta for diaper rash! Welcome to Israel where new flavors of pasta are invented every day!

I was always so terrified to give birth. But had someone told me about all the free crap you get, I might not have been so scared. I’m just saying that there is light at the end of the tunnel (which tunnel…), and freebies are an awesome way to make the pain feel a little less painful in the days after birth.

The Big Felafel ladies gave birth just two weeks apart and through our experiences we would now like to share our knowledge of free stuff, cheap baby stores and paperwork with you. Save this list and save your time and money.

1. Money from the great State of Israel

When you give birth in any hospital in the state of Israel you are supposed to register your child and receive an Identification Number (Teduat Zehuot) as well as a little monetary gift of about NIS 1600 (if you have twins it is way more so keep that in mind), known as a birth grant. You should also receive a small monthly supplement thereafter, so make sure to fill out the paper work and give them your bank info.

2. Treats in the Hospital

As well as the free oh-so delicious meals you will have during your recuperation period in the hospital, you will also find that there are random women distributing gifts for your newborn. While in the hospital you may receive diapers, fresh wipes, breast pads and even a pacifier. Just realize that these gifts may come to haunt you as they will most likely get your home address and start sending you all kinds of stuff. I receive some kind of coupon or baby magazine every week (a nice change from the bills, but annoying just the same).

3. Betuach Leumi, National Health Insurance Pays Too!

That’s right, if you are a working expecting mother then make sure to collect your $200 after passing go. That is to say, that after you give birth you are entitled to 14-weeks paid maternity leave. My advice is to make sure you collect the past 10-months of pay-statements before leaving your job because you may need them when filling out paper work. The paper work will either be sent to you by your employer or you can get it at Betuach Leumi. It is pretty simple to fill out and your employer will also need to file. You can submit your paperwork at any time but it takes about a month for the money to be posted to your account so keep that in mind. The payment is supposed to be based on an average of the last three months you worked, so make sure to do your overtime if you can. Also, another tip here is to go to Betuach Leumi during afternoon hours when they are empty and more friendly since they are about to go home. One woman even let me breastfeed in their private kitchenette. I even started a trend when another nursing lady followed me in to the room. For more info from Betuach Leumi, check out their website.

4. Misrad Hapnim, Ministry of Interior, Make it Official

As I stated above, when you are in the hospital you should get an ID number for your child which will help when you need to get their passport. If you don’t fill out the paperwork there, don’t worry, you can always go to the Ministry of Interior to do the paperwork. If you go, again I recommend going during afternoon hours when it is less crowded. You will need to bring your baby’s paperwork from the hospital and the correct size passport photos (you can get them done anywhere) as well as the baby to prove that it is the same kid in the pictures. My advice here is to register the child’s birth and get their Israeli Passport at the same time, why go back twice? For more info.

5. SuperPharm cares

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GroopBuy, Get Your Deal On.

Like any good Jew, especially one living in Israel, I love deals. Deals complete me. A dress that was on sale seems more valuable somehow. Going to the shuk and bargaining over fruit leaves it tasting better than ever. And discovering a new website that brings the promise of amazing deals day after day, well friends, that is priceless.

May I introduce you to GroopBuy where deals are daily and that makes mamma happy. The concept is simple: everyday there is a new deal and if you like it you sign up and then you make sure your friends do too. If enough people sign up for the deal then we all get to enjoy the benefits. And again mamma is happy.

The deals can be for restaurants to dance classes and today it was for a dentist (not a bad idea since my teeth have been feeling sore lately, and I was just ignoring it but now I don’t have to). The deals come to your inbox so I imagine that this is what it feels like when the Christians say, “Everyday feels like Christmas.”

The website is super user-friendly and in English, in fact they even had Anglos in mind when creating the site according to the ‘about us’ section: GroopBuy is a response to the frustrations Anglos may experience when integrating into a new country. This cuts the Israeli learning curve right in half—now we just have to figure out a website that makes the banks and bureaucracies open for more than two hours a day and we might just see a spike in Aliyah.

Who is excited to get her deal on? It’s me and I hope it’s you because it only works if we all join in. And remember mamma wants to be happy.

Check out the deals at
Join the Facebook GroopBuy Group

I heart NIS 5 Ice Coffee- But here’s why

It’s almost summer, but if you’re like me then you’ve been drinking ice coffee (also known as ice cafe or froozen coffee) all year round. However, with the heat about to go up a couple of notches, the ice coffee craze will also make waves of its own.

If you get addicted or simply can’t afford the amounts of delicious goodness you are consuming then let me help you out. If you’re an avid reader of the blog (which clearly every person that reads our blog is) then you’ve heard this spiel before, but now there’s more!

Marzipan, a bakery known for its gooey rugelach has been selling ice coffee for NIS 5 for the past three years. Every summer I worry that they will raise their prices, but I am happy to say that’s never the case. In fact these are some of the smartest Israeli business people I have ever known. Without any advertising and just word of mouth, they have managed to expand their shuk operation to a bigger store and open up a shop just off of Emek Refaim. And now the smartness (is that a word, ironic) continues with the expansion of their ice coffee treat.

Instead of just one ice coffee machine, they’ve now taken over the adjacent stall and opened up a row of machines featuring different flavors from banana (not a fan) to lemon-nana to sweet vanilla. You can even combine the flavors and each cup is filled to the very top. This is about as close to a slurpee that we will ever get to! I’ll have to stop writing this now since the mere thought demands that I go out and purchase yet another treaty-treat of ice coffee!

Marzipan I thank you for your continued support in my ice coffee addiction. You’ve allowed me to continue purchasing my favorite drink at a consistent low price and, forced other vendors to lower their ice coffee prices as well. But have no fear my loyalty is to you. I promise I will always drink your ice coffee and sometimes vanilla and a few times lemon-nana and continue to spread the word about your smart business ethics and amazing deal. I only ask that you have the same low price at your Emek Refaim shop where you would no doubt win over the hearts of people forced to pay NIS 18 at the coffee shops throughout the area.

The next sip is on me!

Yom Hazikaron: Remember those that have fallen and those that lift us up

Israelis mark Holocaust Memorial Day in JerusalemAs we celebrate our fallen soldiers throughout the many wars and plights for the state of Israel, it’s important to remember, on this day of remembrance, not only our fallen soldiers but our everyday heroes as well.

As a new immigrant, the move to Israel is more turbulent than just the plane ride. In fact, that may be the easiest part. It’s like you are suddenly playing the board game of life, but you keep landing on the squares that screw you. You jump from bureaucratic offices stumbling through conversations in Hebrew and not understanding a word, to trying to open a bank account, contract a cell phone and maybe even get internet. All the while you are crying, pulling out your hair and wondering what the hell you are doing here.

So maybe you didn’t cry as much as me (my tears could fix the water drought!). And maybe you didn’t pull out as much hair (with the right tools I could create my very own shaitel – wig). And just maybe you are more of a Zionist than me, so you didn’t want to pack your bags and take the next plane back. But I know you have fought many a battle with one of the above mentioned. I know you have had small victories and bigger defeats. I know the man has gotten you down.

But do not give up. Do not lose faith. And do not move back. We are here to make a difference. Each one of us will find his or her calling. I now know mine is to fight for consumer rights in Israel. My battle with Pelefone is over and I am the victor. Me! Me! Me!

pelephoneIn a previous post I wrote two months ago I told you about my ensuing battle with Pelephone. My complaints seemed simple enough: stop charging me for internet since I don’t use it or want it. And where is my contract because I never agreed to pay NIS 50 for this phone! My complaints were met with yelling matches between the customer service agents who do not believe the customer is right and managers who would rather belittle you then admit their faults. I was angry and deflated like a shriveled balloon. But somehow rather than exploding I came to my senses and decided to fight for my rights

I searched the web for consumer rights organizations and filed complaints. I demanded Pelefone for my contract and told them I would sue if I was not heard. I wrote my post and through the gift of social media, found support and help from strangers that have also struggled like me. And finally I found my Israel Israeli that could give me the confidence and will to fight until the end.

Everyone needs an Israel Israeli on their side. Israel Israeli is the person that comes into your life just when you are about to throw in the towel. He or she will not only encourage you to fight, but to fight hard. And they will even get on the phone and speak on your behalf, write letters and give you a high five for the small triumphs along the way. They will be there for you and never ask for more than a thank you for their efforts on your behalf. They will never give up. They will restore your faith. And you will not want to move back.

My fight with Pelefone is a not just a victory for me but a victory for all new immigrants who don’t believe the system works. Ok, so most of the time it doesn’t, but if you just commit to the fight and hold on to your Israel Israeli then you have a chance.

At the beginning of my battle with Pelefone, the manager told me I would never be able to cancel my internet charges. Not only have I successfully cancelled them, but Pelefone is refunding the last several months of charges. Also, my fight against paying NIS 50 a month for a phone that I remembered the customer service agent telling me would cost NIS 15—which at the time was a big deal for me since I was paying NIS 5 a month before that—was an accomplishment. Since Pelefone does not keep contracts (a standard practice for all cell phone companies) they had no proof of the original agreement. They told me they had given me a copy, which they did not, and said it was my responsibility to keep it safe. And what about them? Why didn’t they properly file a hard copy of the agreement? Well, after several letters, emails and phone calls (all with the help of my Israel Israeli) I stand before you today the proud owner of a phone that I now pay NIS 15 for!

Get empowered! Get help! And get an Israel Israeli! If you have issues, write them here and you will find that others will come to your aid. And since I believe this is my calling, I too will help you (and hopefully my Israel Israeli will be by my side).

Just like the heroes on the battlefield, there are also our everyday heroes that make a difference when it comes to the field of life. I thank my Israel Israeli for giving me the strength and knowledge to fight and win my rights as a consumer. I thank all those that have let me cut in line at the supermarket, slowed down their car to let me cross the street, gave me directions when I was lost, or just smiled when there was no reason to even make eye contact. Our country has survived because of the fallen soldiers that died for our right to live and because of our everyday heroes that give us the strength to battle on.

Three Weeks of NIS 3 Coffee!

coffeeWhile it may seem like the holiday season is over, there is still much to celebrate. How about NIS 3 coffee? I don’t know about you, but I’m jumping up and down (and not just because I had three cups of pure caffeine joy!). What café finally got the memo that coffee doesn’t have to be expensive? Café Hillel on Emek Refaim right here in Jerusalem, that’s who!

Although I previously reported that Café Hillel would be opening at a new location on Emek, it turns out that they have changed their minds and decided to stay at their original location and renovate. The café itself is closed but for the next three weeks you Despite Price Rises The British Love Of A Cup Of Tea Endurescan get NIS 3 coffee at the little side barista they opened up during the renovation process. The cheap coffee isn’t just hot; you can also get ice café for NIS 9. It isn’t as cheap as my all-time love of NIS 5 ice café at Marzipan in the shuk, but it’s a bigger cup and low fat (supposedly). In any case these are just some of the amazing deals worth pooping your pants over.

Good bargains don’t just happen. Either you or someone you know has hunted them down, passed them along or created them on their own. We cheap buggers have to stick together and look after each other to ensure the deals keep coming. That’s why I implore you to not only take advantage of the next three weeks while the coffee is NIS 3, but to tell the cashier, manager or owner to permanently keep the NIS 3 coffee as a part of the menu. I think in the long run they will end up making more money off the NIS 3 coffee than any of their ridiculously over-priced salads. Also, if the coffee is NIS 3 now, but after the renovations the price goes back up to NIS 15, we will all feel scammed — and nobody goes to a restaurant that rips them off.

Friends, drink and be merry, but don’t forget to be cheap and persuasive too!

14 Unbelievably Cheap Outlet Stores in Jerusalem – Insider’s Guide

Everyone is now painfully aware of the world’s economic woes. Does that mean we should stop shopping altogether? I think not! I think it just calls for smarter shopping and discovering Jerusalem’s hidden outlet stores. And when I say hidden, some of these places are really hidden, so it’s probably a good idea to call the store first. If I missed any, or the information has changed, please leave a comment.

  1. aldoAldo –  Am V’olamo 3, 02-6537212
    • Men & Women’s shoes
  2. castroCastro, Lev Talpiot Mall, Haoman 17, Talpiot
    • Women’s clothing
  3. crazylineCrazy Line, Lev Talpiot Mall, Haoman 17, 02-6797683 [Thanks to commenters for pointing out that this has closed. ]
    • Women’s clothing
  4. foxFOX, Lev Talpiot Mall, Haom an 17, Talpiot, 02-6245116 [Thanks to commenters for pointing out that this has closed. ]
    Also on Dorot Rishonim, 4, 02-6245116

    • Teenage-ish clothing for boys & girls
  5. galiGali Shoes – across from Ahim  Yisrael mall on Hatnufa St. in Talpiot
    • Shoes for men, women, and children. Go with a friend because the deals are usually 2 for 150 shekels.
  6. honigmanHonigman, Lev Talpiot Mall, Haoman 17, Talpiot [Thanks to commenters for pointing out that this has closed.]

    • Women’s clothing
  7. H&O Lev Talpiot Mall, Haoman 17, Talpiot
    • Men and Women’s clothing
  8. lordkitschLord Kitsch, Merkaz Sapir, Am V’olamo 3, Tel: 02-6512905
    • Women’s clothes, lots of skirtsMerkaz Sapir is in Givat Shaul, pretty close to the Tax Authority building.  I think the busses 11 & 15 go there. I recommend calling and asking people as you go along.
  9. lmetayelL’metayel Camping Store, Yoel Solomon 5, City Center, 02-6233338
    • camping supplies. They call themselves an outlet store, but it still looks pricey to me 😦
  10. matimli Matim Li – Lev Talpiot Mall, Haoman 17, Talpiot, 02-6725566 [Thanks to commenters for pointing out that this has closed. ]
    • Women’s clothing
  11. nimrod Nimrod Shoes, Hadar Mall on Pierre Koening 31, Talpiot, 02-6721630
    Also in Lev Talpiot Mall, Haoman 17, Talpiot 02-6718161

    • Shoes for men, women, and children
  12. gapOld Navy & Gap, on 87 Agrippas St. across from the Mahane Yehuda market/shuk.
    • Men & Women’s clothing
  13. golf Polgat/Golf outlet in Ahim Yisrael mall, Hatnufa St. Talpiot 3rd floor.
    • Men & Women’s clothes
  14. tamnunTamnun – Merkaz Sapir, Am V’olamo 3, Tel: 02-6527459
    • Men & Women’s clothes
  15. victorias_secretVictoria’s Secret & Gap, Rehov Strauss, City Center/Mea Shearim. Up the hill toward Mea Shearim on your left hand side from the Yaffo and King George intersection.
    • women’s apparel
  16. Designer Outlet, Ahim Yisrael mall, Hatnufa St. Talpiot 3rd floor. [Thanks, Leah for reminding me about this one]
    • women’s clothing

If you still want more outlet goodness, check out the Israel Outlets Master List.

Also, here’s a blog dedicated entirely to outlet stores in Israel

If you find any other outlets that I left out, please leave a comment with the info. Thanks!

Time Bank Jerusalem – Trade babysitting for salsa lessons; Cooking for Spanish; Yoga for visiting the elderly

Throw out your cash. Bartering is the new currency at the Jerusalem Time Bank, a community where people can swap valuable services with each other. The idea is that people can use their time as money since everyone’s time is equally valued.

If you want to sign up, go to the Jerusalem Time Bank Website or call 02-5664144 and fill out the questionnaire. First, choose the services that you can provide which range from playing chess to reflexology, and are supposed to include options for every age. Then, you can select the services you want to receive. I just submitted my application and am awaiting my interview, so I’ll keep you updated.

If you find yourself looking for new ways to save money, this is definitely a creative way to do it.

Dealbox – Keeping up with all the deals and sales in Israel


It’s not exactly mysupermarket, but Dealbox is trying to keep Israeli consumers updated with deals at hundreds of stores. You can configure ‘deal’ emails by selecting the categories you’re interested in hearing about such as fashion, computers, electronics, food, etc. You can further customize your settings by checking the boxes next to stores you where you like to shop, most of which are big name chains like Mega Supermarket, Castro, Golf, B.U.G but there are also a bunch I’ve never heard of.

Or, if you’re sick of getting newsletters, you can just look at the homepage which features current deals and sales. Amazing how every store just happens to be having a 50% off sale or the 1+1 sale that they’re a big fan of around here. Could it be a ploy to get you to come into the store?! No, never…

Here’s the latest Zara sale and I have to admit that it is tempting…