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From Comb Over to Potty Training: Old Prime Minister Meet Your New Competition

How about this for change – a city in Oklahoma has just voted the youngest Mayor into office. And when I say young, I mean diapers and training wheels, the kid is only 19-years-old. He beat out grandpa and actually has a campaign to back him up. How did he get voted in? Nope, this isn’t a popularity contest; it’s simpler than that. The citizens of Muskogee were fed up with the “same old political shenanigans” and decided to go with someone that has no baggage. The only weight he might be carrying is a beer bong, over his shoulder.

Could this be a solution for Israel’s political corruption too? While I am no fan of Prime Minister (maybe) Olmert, we all have to admit his lies, money laundering and house buying, is typical – what’s the word they used – “political shenanigans”, for Israel or any country for that matter. Barak, Netanyahu, Livni, they all have some kind of baggage that they will bring with them, if and when they play the role of Prime Minister. My only disappointment is that Olmert isn’t getting kicked out for bad hair. He sported that comb over for years and there were no repercussions!

That being said, a young person wouldn’t have a comb over, just like he wouldn’t have baggage. And if he or she is going to be the next Israeli Prime Minister, then they must be a toddler!

The search should start in preschools around the country. We’re looking for a kid that doesn’t poop his pants and understands the meaning of no. We want someone verbal, but identifies with nap time. Finally, we need someone with a good spirit, who sings along at song sessions and grabs a partner to dance in the middle of the circle.

If you know a child like this than please contact your local community representative and lets get this campaign together for the probable upcoming election.

And in the meantime, enjoy this video about Olmert I made over a year ago about his lies and of course his comb over. It is hard to believe he has lasted this long.

Phone numbers and links for internet providers in Israel


It’s happened plenty of times by now. Feelings of helplessness and frustration start to take over as I realize the Internet stopped working and am all too aware of how dependent I am on it. Especially since I mostly work from home. But, no matter how much I disconnect the wires, reconnect, restart, repair, dance around doing the please-please-I’m-begging-you-to-work dance, there comes a point when the Internet refuses to cooperate and goes on strike to show solidarity with the teachers.

I know that as soon as I pick up the phone to call Netvision, the internet will start working, because that’s what happened before. As soon as my router/modem/wireless (who can remember the difference) hears Mr. Tech Support at Netvision, it shapes up and suddenly works. But I decided to pay extra attention this time so I could imitate the tech support’s soothing voice and avoid calling back ever again. And I noticed tapping on the keyboard. And tech support man confirmed my suspicions by saying he reconnected my internet. So apparently its not just the voice. As soon as I call, they identify my phone number and press the little button that says “Resume Rebecca’s internet, practical joke over for today” Is this normal? Are people calling all the time for this ‘reboot’?

Here’s some helpful info about internet providers in Israel (so I can keep it handy too). I have the Hot/Netvision setup with no dialler. I went through Netvision who organized the setup process with Hot. I did some research before selecting an internet provider, but they all ended up being roughly the same price. I’ve heard the good, bad, and ugly about each provider. So, if you’re just starting out and looking to pick an internet provider, the most effective method is to close your eyes, spin your finger around the screen and see which provider it lands on.

Netvision: *3031 or 1800-300-301

Barak: *013 or 1800.013.013

Actcom: 1800-300-123

Bezeq: 1800-014-014

Internet Gold(Smile): *2330 or 072-200-3600

Golden Lines: 1801-012-012

Hot: *6900