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How to renew your U.S. passport in Jerusalem

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If only the U.S Consulate would greet you with freshly-made Dunkin Donuts doughnuts and muffins, a Starbucks white-chocolate mocha and a fully-stocked Target, it might make up for the annoying process of renewing your passport and venturing into East Jerusalem.

If I could award one website with the worst usability, that special prize would go to.. wait for it.. the Jerusalem U.S. Consulate. After reading and re-reading each section of the site, the big question for me was still, how do people aged 16-26 renew their passport?!!! I pretended to fit into the over 26 category and it worked out, but um… some headlines and clarity would be nice.  Americans are supposed to have a good reputation for clear instructions. Especially compared to the Israeli system. C’mon people!

In case you want to know how I went about it, or in case I need to do it again, here are the steps I took to renewing my passport.

Step 1: Make an appointment by clicking here. Mine took at  least a month in advance to schedule.

Step 2: Read the U.S. Consulate website about 30 times to decide which form to fill out. In the end, I needed the DS-82 application so I printed it and filled it out.

Step 3: Prepare the following:

  • DS-82 Passport Application
  • Most recent passport and photocopy
  • Two identical passport photographs – 2 x 2 inches (5cm x 5cm) showing full front view of the face with a white or off-white background only.
  • $75 USD or the equivalent shekels
  • 30 shekels for courier mail service

Step 4: Travel to 14 David Flusser in the Arnona neighborhood of Jerusalem 27 Nablus / Shchem St. which is off of Kvish 1 by the Paz Gas station.  Maps, emails, phone number, and more details.

P.S. You can renew by mail or in person. But considering I don’t trust the Israeli mail system, and, get this, the Consulate emailed me that they don’t recommend it, I went in person.

Contact Info for the Jerusalem U.S. Consulate:

Phone: 02-628-7137 or 02-622-7219
Fax: 02-627-2233

Disclaimer: Please thoroughly check the Consulate site for updated information and to ensure you bring all the correct paperwork.

Misrad HaPnim – Interior Ministry Hours

If you are fortunate enough to be able to go to the Misrad Hapnim in Jerusalem, sometimes referred to as the Misrad HaPanim, ‘the face office’ to get your passport renewed or other fun activities, here’s a timetable of when they’re open:

  • Sunday to Thursday: 8-12:3o*
  • Monday and Wednesday: 2:30-5:30* – Recommended as the workers are less cranky.

Feel free to express your frustrations or any new changes to the schedule. Located on Shlomzion Hamalka in Jerusalem off of Yaffo St. As far as a phone number goes, don’t bother. I asked them once, and they laughed at me.

See comments below for info on the less crowded Gilo Branch. Thanks, Yael.

*These times are subject to change for the following reasons, so good luck.

  • cigarette breaks
  • early lunch breaks
  • because they feel like it
  • phone calls to friends or family
  • sodoku