The Big Felafel

Partial Passover Anxiety Relief: Collection of Chametz by Shachen Tov in Jerusalem

The Passover/Pesach frenzy has begun as I greedily relish bread (gasp!), cookies, cakes, and other leavened products (naughty!) before I have to give it up for a week.

What I have not been relishing, though, is the thought of cleaning my house.  The anxiety for Pesach starts weeks before, as I second guess if I should buy one or two bags of pasta; 3 or 4 rolls; 1 or 2 packages of flour… you get the idea. But, no matter how much you try to space it out, thinking this year I’ll magically be chametz-free the day before the holiday, you know these attempts are futile.

So, instead of trying to fight it, this year I got an email from my friend Dena, who told me about  Shachen Tov Organization (Good neighbor) who is collecting donations of chametz (closed packages, only), before Pesach.  They will be selling all the contents of their warehouses, and after Pesach they will distribute it to the needy families they help. If you are interested, please contact the person in your area:

  • Ramot – Ortal – 054-5868427
  • Katamon – Sara – 052-5389994
  • Nachlaot – Chagit – 050-7881007
  • Gilo – Shalom – 054-3395419
  • Baka – Yossi – 052-7203673
  • Ramot Eshkol – Meno – 052-6674062

Further information – Matan – 052-5389996

shachen tov

And of course, for your viewing pleasure, The Matza Ball Rap


Pesach Cleaning Will Never Be the Same Again

If you are like me then you probably aren’t doing your Pesach cleaning…yet. Oh, you plan to scrub down the floors, empty out the fridge and find the bread crumbs that have become a part of your couch-but you just can’t motivate yourself to actually put the broom in your hand.I need incentive for these types of life challenges. And I think I may have found it on best friend Youtube. The videos below are two Pesach raps that have transformed my outlook on cleaning. The raps have literally become my version of whistle while you work songs and maybe they will help to motivate you too.


The first video, “Moses Rap,” is informative and the lyrics are super catchy. I listen to it before I clean each room (or before I will clean each room) and then when I clean, I sing the chorus. This is the “whistle while you work,” part. I mean, does it get cooler than that?

The second video, Matzah Ball Rap, is just what the doctor order for those truly tough cleaning jobs. Instead of pulling out your hair, wondering how you will get the sticky syrup stuck in the back of your fridge clean, try watching this video for a good laugh. One chuckle and you’ll forget why you were so upset and look forward to the battle of the syrup. Well, maybe not look forward to it, but at least you will have laughed and that helps reduce some of the stress. Did I mention that the song is a parody of the rap by Sir Mix-a-lot’s, “Baby Got Back”?

I hope you enjoy these two videos and that they inspire you to do your own version of whistle while you work. This raps are also great to just listen to and send to friends and family!

Best and Worst of 2007: the big felafel style

Olmert getting rid of that nasty nasty comb over Olmert still in Office
Free television online at Television tax that only some people receive even if you don’t own a tv.
The Facebook Song Annapolis
The dollar losing value The dollar losing value
Discovering the show Israelim Discovering they cancelled Israelim but you can still watch it online
50 shekel boots Raising the prices of milk,flour and the shuk salatim
Marzipan’s Ice cafe for NIS 5 stays the same price and stays the whole year- no more waiting for summer! Getting my first crown through health insurance
Finding out about Brooklyn Bakery where they serve real muffins and donuts Conda-poo-poo coming here almost every two weeks
Seinfeld coming to Israel Teachers Protest and University Professors Protest
Getting rid of CNN Getting rid of CNN and keeping FOX
Realizing I can take a Sherut instead of a bus The lines wherever you go
Pomegrantes in the Fall Having my bicylce stolen
Learning that you do your grocery shopping online the gyms in Jerusalem (I’m from LA- there is no comparing)
Pesach Rap video The continous Jerusalem construction of new homes no one here can afford
Hannukah Parody video Shmita

We want to hear what you thought was the best and worst too. Feel free to write us and we will think about adding your best or worst!