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Pesach Cleaning Will Never Be the Same Again

If you are like me then you probably aren’t doing your Pesach cleaning…yet. Oh, you plan to scrub down the floors, empty out the fridge and find the bread crumbs that have become a part of your couch-but you just can’t motivate yourself to actually put the broom in your hand.I need incentive for these types of life challenges. And I think I may have found it on best friend Youtube. The videos below are two Pesach raps that have transformed my outlook on cleaning. The raps have literally become my version of whistle while you work songs and maybe they will help to motivate you too.


The first video, “Moses Rap,” is informative and the lyrics are super catchy. I listen to it before I clean each room (or before I will clean each room) and then when I clean, I sing the chorus. This is the “whistle while you work,” part. I mean, does it get cooler than that?

The second video, Matzah Ball Rap, is just what the doctor order for those truly tough cleaning jobs. Instead of pulling out your hair, wondering how you will get the sticky syrup stuck in the back of your fridge clean, try watching this video for a good laugh. One chuckle and you’ll forget why you were so upset and look forward to the battle of the syrup. Well, maybe not look forward to it, but at least you will have laughed and that helps reduce some of the stress. Did I mention that the song is a parody of the rap by Sir Mix-a-lot’s, “Baby Got Back”?

I hope you enjoy these two videos and that they inspire you to do your own version of whistle while you work. This raps are also great to just listen to and send to friends and family!


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  1. Yeah I’m with you. I think I’m going to grab a couple bottles of wine, get a good buzz going, then I’ll just go nuts. Is that Kosher?

    Great Moses Raps video! That was awesome. It really reminds me of my brother; when he went to NFTY conventions there used to be these guys, like 3 of them, who were making rap cds. He bought a couple, and they were the most amazing precious possessions of his through my eyes. I never knew cool Jewish kids growing up, besides my brother and myself and one friend of course, and so hearing that these people existed that are Jewish, make Jewish things like that, and are my age… it was a revelation! Not that there were obnoxious Jews around me; there were none my age at all.

    So it’s cool to see that Moses Raps video. I think I’ll post that on my site as well, givin’ a hot shoutout to ya’al. Whoop whoop, gangsta style.

    Now, the Matza Ball Rap…. whoever that guy is, he might need medical attention.

    | Reply Posted 14 years, 11 months ago
  2. * Honi says:

    I read your blog all the time.. and just got back from Israel and loved it.. we hope to go back very very soon.. the above website address is my blog on Israel .. I keep a link to your blog on my website..
    Always enjoy reading you!

    | Reply Posted 14 years, 11 months ago
  3. Can I just be the obnoxious commenter again?

    I just read Aish’s advice on Pesach cleaning. I recommend you take a good 10, 15 minutes and read through that. It will scare you down to your very soul. I’m pretty machmir, but I can’t imagine doing half the things they tell me to do. I mean, I’d love to… maybe when I have a wife to help me.

    In the meantime I think I’m going to procrastinate and watch the Moses Raps video again.

    | Reply Posted 14 years, 11 months ago

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