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Amusing Typo in Israel#2: 2tsp of Ground Farfic

ground farfic

In the supermarket last week, I picked up what seemed to look like garlic powder and when I saw the label “ground farfic” I just assumed that such a spice existed, and not being such a savvy chef, I just haven’t encountered recipes with it yet.

My question is this, if you narrow in on typo logic, wouldn’t it be something like “ground farkic”? Maybe the keyboard was broken and this was as close as they could come.

Advice for fellow farfic shoppers – just open up the container and take a big whiff and you’ll know for sure if it’s garlic or not. And, while I’m at it, shouldn’t it be garlic powder and not ground garlic. Details.

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The most unfortunate typo ever

Jay Leno, if you’re reading this and want some headlines for your segment, feel free to to use this. This ad appeared in The Jerusalem Post almost a year ago for a women’s empowerment program, I’ve just been too lazy to put it through the scanner. No offense to The Hebrew University or their program, but I do believe they should have taken a second look at this ad before submitting it. I have to admit that it could be the most unfortunate typo I’ve ever seen. I won’t ruin it for you – see for yourself.