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Amusing Typo in Israel#2: 2tsp of Ground Farfic

ground farfic

In the supermarket last week, I picked up what seemed to look like garlic powder and when I saw the label “ground farfic” I just assumed that such a spice existed, and not being such a savvy chef, I just haven’t encountered recipes with it yet.

My question is this, if you narrow in on typo logic, wouldn’t it be something like “ground farkic”? Maybe the keyboard was broken and this was as close as they could come.

Advice for fellow farfic shoppers – just open up the container and take a big whiff and you’ll know for sure if it’s garlic or not. And, while I’m at it, shouldn’t it be garlic powder and not ground garlic. Details.

See Amusing Typo #1: The Most Unfortunate Typo Ever


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  1. * harry says:

    My personal favorite is shushi rice which can also be found in supermarkets throughout Israel.

    | Reply Posted 14 years, 10 months ago
  2. * Miriam says:

    Farfic?! I’m not going to be able to stop laughing till I go to sleep tonight. The worst thing is that I’ve bought that garlic and I never noticed. I’ve been here for too long.

    | Reply Posted 14 years, 9 months ago
  3. * Dave says:

    Actually, Farfic is an ancient Semite word for a white powder made from an unknown dried plant, which was used to season food. Modern scientists have tested remnants of this powder found in recent excavations near the dead sea and have pronounced it to be a relative of present days garlic, so, in the Israeli’s obsession in renewing the ancient language, a motion has been placed in the Israeli Parliament to have the English word replaced by the more proper Hebrew word Farfic. In fact, there is even talk of fining Farfic producers who insist on using the now forbidden word “garlic”.

    | Reply Posted 14 years, 8 months ago

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