The Big Felafel

sabra cats

At some point during the course of living in Israel, you find yourself in a situation with a sabra (Israeli-born) cat – whether you want to or not. It might be your cat, it might be someone else’s cat, but nonetheless there is a cat situation that must to be handled. When I lived in my first apartment/dorm/absorption center, Merkaz Hamagshimim, there were cats that became part of the ‘chevre’ weaving in and out of the courtyard, the porch, and the backyard. The most recent and far more intense situation resulted in taking in a very cute kitten. 2 weeks ago, on the long journey back from Kiryat Menachem, we were walking by one of the millions of dumpsters-turned-cat-party and rescued a cute little kitten, a month old (Yosh) that clearly had a slim chance of survival. I won’t even go into all the problems he had. Other people’s stories include finding a litter of kittens, being bitten and going to the hospital, getting stuck with a friend’s cat because they left the country. The stories go on and on. But be prepared, a cat situation will come across your path soon enough and test your ability to land on your feet. Too cheesy?


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