The Big Felafel

You made aliyah! you crazy?!

When you make aliyah, it seems normal. You’ve prepared yourself – if that’s possible. You’ve lined up something in Israel that you’re looking forward to. So why is it that when other people I know make aliyah, I think it’s the craziest decision. How the hell did you do it? You just left everything like that? Go back before you get stuck! I have been in Israel for 3 years, and some friends just made aliyah. It seemed like they were taking crazy pills. Is everyone searching for something new and different? After 3 years of living in Israel I am tempted to go wild and move somewhere that I’ve never lived before. To start anew. Clean slate. At what point do we force ourselves to settle down because ‘the time has come’ and when do we travel the world because, hey, you only live once.


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