The Big Felafel

Supermarkets are not for the wimpy.

Israel has finally figured out how to sell packaged meat. Until now, you needed to go to the meat counter and order what you wanted. But this technologically advanced country has finally caught up and invested in a plastic wrapping machine and an open refrigerator. As I approached the packaged chicken section, I was disappointed to see a worker who was not giving out green flavored chicken but rather green colored fliers. I tried to taste one, but it just wasn’t that good, tasted kinda papery. If only it had been a taste sampling. I love those! I asked her how much a packaged chicken was, telling her I hoped it was 20 shekels, the great deal I found a few weeks ago. To my dismay, she said no, and, they NEVER sold it for 20 shekels. Maybe for 20 shekels a kilo but never a whole chicken for 20 shekels. I told her that I had in fact only paid 20 shekels at the register less than a month ago. This didn’t budge her. She told me that I must be wrong or have made a mistake.. Do I fight back? I couldn’t believe it. Was this part of their training – whatever the customer says, they are wrong. And prove it by having the last word! Hmph. But now who has the last laugh, chicken lady! Take that! And that!


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