The Big Felafel

Can dreams come true with the sip of an ice coffee?

In Israel temperatures stay hot well into what most consider fall season. In fact even during rainy season one will find themselves in short sleeves and sandals sans umbrella. This means you must maintain the summer attitude and taste throughout most of the year.

The best way to stay fresh in hot weather is a delicious ice coffee. Whether it is a craving, getting together with friends or on the run- the ice coffee is the ultimate companion. And the most important characteristic of your new found soul mate should be — how much it will cost you.

After extensive research throughout the most popular cafes and roadside kiosks- the winner of the cheap but absolutely scrumptious ice coffee goes to Marzipan located in Jerusalem’s Mahaneh Yehuda outdoor market place, the shuk.

For NIS 5- about $1.50- you can enjoy the perfect mix of a sweet and caffeinated thick ice coffee at one of Israel’s most famous bakeries. Oh, but there’s more. Along with the taste comes the unique opportunity to fill it up yourself. This means that you can fill it the brim and then some- getting every shekel’s worth through your straw.

To top it all off you don’t have to worry about finding a table to sit at in a crowded restaurant or pay a waiter for bringing you your coffee- instead you can enjoy the sounds of the shuk and take a seat right on the street, enjoying the feeling of summer all year round!


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