The Big Felafel

Misrad HaKlita and Misrad HaStudentim duke it out


Think the logos and websites are confusing? Just wait till you start talking to the offices.

Someone requested that I cover this topic so here’s all I know on the subject of Misrad HaKlita(absorption) vs. Misrad HaStudentim (student authority) . Please verify the information with the right office, as the info changes all the time (naturally).

Misrad HaKlita – course route
You need to be:

  • under 30
  • made aliyah less than 3 years ago
  • they’ll give you up to 10,000 shekels of the cost of your course. (I’m currently taking a graphic design course at John Bryce, and this is how much they gave me)

Phone: The main number is 02-621-4555. More specifically, I spoke to Ina, who was nice and patient: 02-624-9398.
Address: 15 Hillel St, Downtown Jerusalem. You should call the main line to make an appointment.

Misrad HaStudentim – University route
I am not as familiar with their terms, but it is also under 30 to start. I think it’s mostly for Hebrew programs, but you’d have to check.
Phone: 02-621-4538 or 02-621-4543
Address: 15 Hillel St, Downtown Jerusalem.

Good luck with your studies.


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