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Are you a member of this Facebook group?

sderot-face-book-groups.JPGIf you thought that Facebook was just a website for your random friends and photo albums, then you are sorely mistaken. If you have ever joined a Facebook group then you know that there are a lot of strange and wonderful things happening in cyberspace.Perhaps you have an interest in toes, well don’t worry because there are over 500 groups that are willing and ready to accept you and your foot fetish. There are just as many groups for cookie monster lovers too. And somewhere in between all that you can find a new group urging Sderot residents to learn how to build kassams.

It might sound random but for many this group is a desperate last resort to end the barrage of kassams. I think it is time to admit that if we wait for the government’s response we will all be as bald as Olmert before there is any retaliation. Therefore it is left up to the citizens to end the rocket fire.

There are many ways to try to get your message out there.

face-book-sderot-2.JPGThe most common way is to stage a protest. Since Sunday, Sderot residents have been protesting in Jerusalem. They are armed with the usual signs and pieces of shrapnel. The protesters have been reenacting “red alerts” in front of the Prime Minister’s Office but their audience of one isn’t there for the performance, in fact he is in Germany giving one of his own.

The protesters may as well continue to fight since at least it gives their children a vacation in Jerusalem away from the attacks. But other citizens have decided strong words just won’t cut it-they want the real armor, not just the leftovers.

Which group are you a member of?


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  1. * Molly says:

    I am not a part of any Sderot group. I just write about what is happening.

    | Reply Posted 15 years, 3 months ago

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