The Big Felafel

Free Rice – addictive, davka

I recently discovered the website and it takes me back to my studying-for-the-SAT days. Weeee! is a very simple concept – for every vocab question you get right, they donate rice to Africa, thanks to the advertisers.

I never thought it would happen to me, but it seems I’ve become like other anglos in Israel who can’t seem to keep their languages separate. I’m starting to notice that I’m slowly losing my vocabulary and every once in a while words like davka, matim, and lahefech creep into my conversations without even noticing.

Sometimes I even click my tongue to say no. No, Gd forbid I should ever start doing that. But I don’t think Free Rice could help much with that anyway…

I am so happy I found this site as a way to refresh my vocab. And how cool to know that by improving my vocab, I’m donating rice. Who thinks of these things? Genius.


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