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Jerusalem supermarket price wars target caffeine-addicted, chicken-lovin’, messy babies

I am no official Hebrew translator, but I do believe Ynet is telling me there is a massive price war happening between the Talpiot supermarkets Mega and Rami Levi. It was probably my post about ridiculous supermarket prices that really got things moving. Ha!

The price wars are centered around the price of chicken, which is at an all time low at Rami Levi for 89 agurot a kilo (if you spend over 200 shekels). At Mega, it’s now 99 agurot a kilo ( if you spend over 150 shekels).

I went to Mega firsthand tonight to see for myself. There was in fact 99 agurot a kilo chicken as well as hour long lines to take any joy and fun away. It was also Tuesday, Mega’s shuk night where fruit and veggies are very cheap.

I’m still trying to figure out what all the items featured in the price war have in common, but I can’t exactly put my finger on it. The items are

  • Chicken: 89 agurot/kilo at Rami Levi; 99 agurot/kilo at Mega
  • Elite Coffee: 9.99 NIS at Mega
  • Pampers Diapers – 33.90 NIS at Rami Levi, 39.99 NIS atMega
  • Colon Clothing Detergent – 34.99 NIS at Mega
  • CocaCola 6 bottles – 19.99 NIS at Mega
  • Soft Toilet Paper 32 rolls – 19.99 NIS at Mega

I guess they figure there must be a lot of caffeine-addicted, chicken-lovin’ messy babies crawling around out there. Anyone got any better ideas?Mega has declared that it wants the Mega in Talpiot to be the cheapest in Israel. Truly amazing. I wonder if people will come in all the way from Haifa…

Thanks for the tip, Ari.

Update Feb 15: Rami Levy ain’t chickening out, and at 0.79 per kilo, everyone’s fleeing


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  1. * Ari says:


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  2. * Rachel says:

    “I guess they figure there must be a lot of caffeine-addicted, chicken-lovinÂ’ messy babies crawling around out there.”
    this is the best line – and did you know you come up first on Google if you are searching for “babies addicted to caffeinated chicken”…i guess i search for that a lot, but really, who doesn’t?

    | Reply Posted 15 years, 3 months ago

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