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Mad Libs For Peace

I think that anyone who starts an initiative for peace in the middle east probably has good intentions maybe a little naive, but a good heart none the less. Although a noble cause, many times these groups for peace use a formula that amounts to no more than: noun + for peace = organization name. I’ve compiled a list of the groups that have most amused me most from ukuleles (I just learned how to spell that) to sex.

We had written about Salsa for Peace, only to learn that there are tons more creative ideas to bring peace for the middle east. Recently in Janglo, I noticed none other than Ukuleles for Peace(upcoming concert) and Drummers For Peace In the Middle East(looking for a drummer).

Other For Peace organization names that amused me:

The real proposals for peace…

What will they think of next?


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  1. Free Pizza for Peace?


    | Reply Posted 15 years ago
  2. * Rebecca says:

    Let’s do it. My favorite is Pizza Hut, then Sbarro, then Big Apple, then Sababa… not that I think about everything in terms of lists or anything… Thanks for commenting all the time Mr Danny “I just got myself a mybloglog account and put in a really creepy picture of myself” Brothers.

    | Reply Posted 15 years ago

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