The Big Felafel

7 months of funny search terms

Some people check their blog stats for duration of visit, referring sites, or most popular content. I prefer to check mine for search terms of how people findthe big felafel. Some are the usual like “misrad hapnim Jerusalem” or “book stores Jerusalem” but some are pretty hilarious and fall into the following categories.

Seeking Philosophical answers I really wonder if anybody can ever explain these wonders of the world

  • Is ahmadedejad evil
  • Assigned seats in movie theater
  • Are there 50 or 52 states
  • Are there movie theaters in Israel

Religiouis oh Jews… always looking to make fun of themselves

  • Shemittah jokes
  • yom kippur funny

Weird um

  • And a pile of bandaids, thank you
  • Make friends with salad
  • Poo fight faceback

Random things I would never, ever, ever think of looking up but maybe now I will

  • Tushy police
  • How to dump your facebook friends
  • My tushy is too large
  • 3 things that happened during the invention chocolate

Vague Even if these people found the answers they were looking for, I still don’t think they’d be happy with the answer. I recommend these people use Google’s advanced search feature.

  • Make falafel game
  • Why do you know that they are boys
  • Location or place where the book sells
  • How big is a parking spot
  • The cost of stuff in Israel
  • How much do groceries cost in Israel
  • calories in falafel
  • How many shekels is food in Israel
  • how much do things cost in israeli shekels

Cut the crap – give me the low down

  • How much is a falafel in Israel
  • Price of chicken in Israel
  • how do people make a living in israel

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  1. Sheesh. You guys are lucky you get so many good ones. You know the most interesting one I got last month? “Conjunctive Adverb”

    True story.

    | Reply Posted 15 years, 2 months ago

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