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Get Your Fourth of July Party on in Jerusalem!


July 4th Decorations

If you’re a former U.S. citizen, you know that even though you live in Israel, giving up certain American holidays is not easy. Case in point: the Fourth of July, Independence Day. While July 4th celebrations mirror those of Israel’s Independence Day, not celebrating the actual day, Fourth of July, is just too much!

I can b-b-q any day of the year (not really, but I could try and find someone that would b-b-q for me everyday of the year) but there is something that makes the meat a little juicer on Fourth of July. I could watch fire crackers go off almost everyday throughout the summer, thanks to the loads of weddings in Jerusalem, but the fireworks of Fourth of July seem to sparkle and crack just a little bit more.

What I am saying is celebrating Fourth of July does not end when you make Aliyah from America. You can’t give up the cheerleader in you that wants to jump for joy on that particular day. It’s not that I am rooting for America’s independence but more for my hamburger, day off and awesome display of fireworks in the middle of summer, that’s the essence of the big day—a day that can leave a big hole if you don’t celebrate properly.

So, here are a few ways to party down for the holiday. Do one or all of them, but just don’t forget to celebrate and fill the hole (and the stomach)!

Themed Shabbat meal: Yes friends, if you like cheesy then take advantage of this year’s celebrations which fall on Shabbat day. You can have b-b-qs (if you keep Shabbat then b-b-q right before Shabbat comes in and keep meat on hot grill or hot plate), make cakes with red, white and blue frosting and make sure to invite lots of friends who bring lots of drinks!

Saturday Night go out:
Summer on the “Roof”:
B-B-Q & Bar
Live musical performances: Remedy and Holler Band and more!
Fireworks at midnight
Location: 37 Pe’er Kening (Talpiot, across from the Hadar mall)
Tickets cost NIS 80, but if you reserve them before then it’s NIS 60! There are also special group prices. For more info or to order tickets call Gita at 052-562-4488 or Assaf at 054-396-0799

Get Started Early: July 1, 2009
Starting at 3pm
AACI’s Independence Day Celebrations
Schedule of Events:
2:30pm Grand Opening:
Exhibitions, hot dogs & refreshments for sale, tickets for movies on sale, music, AACI table selling raffle tickets and tickets to Roy Zaltsman performance, Chinese Auction and more!
3:00pm Screening of It Happened One Night, Screening for Children of Chihuahua of Beverly Hills
5:00pm Screening of Fargo, Screening for Children of Aliens vs. Monsters
7:00pm Live Performance of Roy Zaltsman Special Telepathy Show, Screening for Children of Hotel for Dogs
7:45pm AACI Hai Society Reception (by invitation only)
8:45pm Greetings
9:00pm Israel’s Premiere Screening of Public Enemies
Movies/Show NIS 28 each (Special Reduced Price)
To Order Tickets Online go to:
For Directions go to:…

Hotdogs for Sale! -Kosher-
Apple Pie/Brownies
Chocolate Chip Cookies for Sale!
Saidels Bakery & Herby’s Bakeshop

Location: Jerusalem Cinemateque 11 Hebron St. For more information about the celebration, call 02-561-7151


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    Of course, I applaud you for being careful. But I must share my extremely positive experience, finding an apartment in Netanya via Craigslist for our family trip in March.
    Fortunately, I have family in Israel and I had my cousin check the apartment before I sent my deposit.

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