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Don’t Have a Happy Chanukkah have a Funny Chanukkah!!

Benji and I are at it again.  Watch Benji attack the people of Jerusalem to find out what Chanukkah is all about in the Holyland!

World AIDS Day: Be Safe, Wear it, Measure it and Spray it on!

'No To Pope' Rally In SydneyToday is World AIDS day, reminding us that there is still no cure for this epidemic. If you are in Jerusalem and would like to have a free, anonymous HIV test, you can go to the Open House Clinic on Sundays between 5pm and 9pm. The clinic is located on 2 Hasoreg Street at the intersection of Jaffa St. and Queen Shlomtzion.

And remember an easy way to stay safe is using a good old fashion condom. Now apparently if you’re French then you’ll need an XXL according to a European study by the Singen-based Institute of Condom Consultancy. Yes, after over 10,500 men measured their member, it turns out Frenchies need a condom that is about six inches (15.48 cm) long, making them the biggest in the region.

Of course I can’t help but wonder where Israeli men would fall on the scale, but I will say this: anyone is free to measure and figure it out on the Institute’s website. While I admit I’m kind of curious to do my own study, I don’t think my husband would approve. You know you’re a little curious too (oops, I said little, is that a Freudian slip?)! Continue reading this entry »

Thanksgiving in Israel! It can be done!

Thanksgiving in Israel?It’s almost turkey time. I love Thanksgiving. And what’s not to love, dinner at 3pm, turkey that isn’t sliced lunch meat, stuffing right from the turkey’s butt, mashed potatoes dripping with gravy and cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. Lots of pumpkin pie.

This used to be my reality every November for as long as I can remember. But for the last 3 years I have been living in Israel and those Thanksgiving days have turned into memories of my past. Oh, stop being so dramatic, the truth is you (as in me and all other American immigrants) can still have Thanksgiving in Israel.

I know it isn’t the same as sitting around the table in America, staring down at your food baby (this is a term Shira taught me which refers to the ridiculous amount of food you just ate that now makes you appear five months pregnant) and going around the table saying what we are thankful for (I am always thankful there is a toilet near by)—but friends, we are not alone and Thanksgiving can still be the best holiday ever! The gravy bowl is half full! Continue reading this entry »

Overheard in Israel

Gonev overheadnyc

I’m sure you’re familiar with Overheard in New York, a blog that lets people post the bits of conversation that they hear in the streets, at the office, wherever, so long as it’s funny. As with most trends, Israel is catching up, slowly but surely. Once again, thanks to Keren, I discovered the Hebrew version of Overheard called Gunav L’oznai, Tzitutim Shel Tzitutim, which Morfix tells us roughly, very roughly, translates to “found out about, quotes from eavesdropping”.


Here are some recent “overheards” that I picked from the Gunav site.



Officer 1: Tell me, how do you say pistachios in English?

Officer 2: I don’t think they eat them in English…



Can you come over her for a second, like for 10 seconds, for a second?

What funny things have you overheard lately?
Check out Israel’s version of Overheard – Gunav L’oznai

Tu B’av: Where’s the Love?

Check out this funny clip brought to you by the witty Benji Lovitt. Tu B’av is the Israeli version of Valentine’s Day. Benji wants to share this holiday with a hot Israeli girl, but does a hot Israeli girl want to share it with him? Watch the video to see if Benji can bring it!

Amusing Typo in Israel#3: Truly innovative diet technique

Typo in ad for diet in Israel

I get little scraps in my mailbox all the time for new trissim, plumbers, and now I got this, a new diet that includes “Personal Chocing”. The ad translates to the following:

Did they tell you that being skinny was going to be magic? Therefore, you need personal chocing. No magic, just results!

Hmm… maybe you eat, then they choke you, then you lose your appetite and get skinny?! Could be promising, but it does kind of sound magical…

My recommendation to all in charge of typos: Thanks for making me laugh, but to help your business, you might want to pay attention to those red squiggly lines in Word.

How awkward would it be if I had a typo in this post?! Better check it twice.

See Amusing Typo in Israel#1: The most unfortunate typo ever

Amusing Typo in Israel#2: 2tsp of Ground Farfic

ground farfic

In the supermarket last week, I picked up what seemed to look like garlic powder and when I saw the label “ground farfic” I just assumed that such a spice existed, and not being such a savvy chef, I just haven’t encountered recipes with it yet.

My question is this, if you narrow in on typo logic, wouldn’t it be something like “ground farkic”? Maybe the keyboard was broken and this was as close as they could come.

Advice for fellow farfic shoppers – just open up the container and take a big whiff and you’ll know for sure if it’s garlic or not. And, while I’m at it, shouldn’t it be garlic powder and not ground garlic. Details.

See Amusing Typo #1: The Most Unfortunate Typo Ever

Funny and Disturbing: Hamas vs. Hummus video

In this video, Hamas gets an image makeover from a image consultant that rebrands Hamas as Hummus. Some memorable lines include “black masks… how 80’s” and “hummus wrestling” The narrator’s voice sounds strikingly to the voice in this hilarious video from Keta Keta.

I guess if you don’t laugh at the situation, you’ll cry.
[thanks Karl, for using the suggestion box and sending me this link]

An Israeli Errand…Not Just a Stop at the Dry Cleaners!

The Israeli lifestyle often involves lots of errands. Unlike the errands most of us are used to: dry cleaning, grocery shopping, post office and the bank in Israel you can add bureaucratic government offices to your list.

A typical stop at your local health office, municipality or tax authority means you are stuck in lines without ropes, rude tellers and paper work you can’t understand. Sometimes you might even get stuck with a bill!

But for me, last Thursday at the Television Tax Authority was so much more than that! I can’t even put it into words luckily I had my video camera with me and taped the eventful errand!