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Amusing Typo in Israel#3: Truly innovative diet technique

Typo in ad for diet in Israel

I get little scraps in my mailbox all the time for new trissim, plumbers, and now I got this, a new diet that includes “Personal Chocing”. The ad translates to the following:

Did they tell you that being skinny was going to be magic? Therefore, you need personal chocing. No magic, just results!

Hmm… maybe you eat, then they choke you, then you lose your appetite and get skinny?! Could be promising, but it does kind of sound magical…

My recommendation to all in charge of typos: Thanks for making me laugh, but to help your business, you might want to pay attention to those red squiggly lines in Word.

How awkward would it be if I had a typo in this post?! Better check it twice.

See Amusing Typo in Israel#1: The most unfortunate typo ever


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  1. I feel like there has either been a:

    A) Increase in the number of typos in English in Israel recently
    B) A greater need for us immigrants to finally laugh back at Israelis

    Not sure which one it is, but all of us bloggers have been going nuts with these typo posts lately — and I LOVE EVERY SECOND OF IT!

    Do Israelis ever make typos in Hebrew that you guys catch? Then we could really laugh at them…

    | Reply Posted 15 years ago

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