The Big Felafel

Stand up: My name. Aliyah. Bureaucracy. And a faxypack.

It’s not everyday you have a captive audience of 400 Israelis willing to listen to your trial and error approach to living in Israel. So, after winning a stand up contest that the New Israel Fund and Bet Hillel hosted in May, I decided to make my five-minute debut about just that: the new immigrant on the block. I was honored to take part in the stand up night, with the other five outstanding and hilarious women that took to the stage. Even better was the fact we were opening for the famously talented Orna Banai. What I also appreciated was how warm the audience was, even though I did my stand up in English. They listened and laughed, and I think they also could relate, even if they are not new immigrants. Bureaucracy is still bureaucracy.

It was a night I will never forget. And an opportunity I hope to have again in the near future.

To see the other ladies click here

I'm the one in pants, and Orna Banai is the the last black dress from the left. Please keep in mind I was 6 weeks after having my second child here...

I’m the one in pants, and Orna Banai is the the last black dress from the left. Please keep in mind I was 6 weeks after having my second child here…


The Israel Election: What, Who, What? (VIDEO)

The Israeli Election is just a few days away and the campaign ads won’t let us forget it. That said, many people on the streets of Jerusalem don’t know who they are voting for and what’s the point. In my latest Hahafuch News Update, we take it to the streets to hear what the people have to say. 

Click here to check out the post on Times of Israel. 

50 Shades of Blue and White

50 Shades of Blue and White

Israel is Funny: The HaHaפuch Comedy Show Feb.11

Do you ever stand in line for the post office or bank or ministry of interior or just the bus and feel so stressed out that no one around you seems to know where the line begins and ends? And you want to scream, but instead you just elbow everyone because you’ve learned that’s how you get around in this country, or at least in these so-called lines? Then you get to the end of the line and rather than feeling relieved you feel overcome with emotion and want to cry or scream? Then later when you tell your friend the story, you are both laughing about it, because it is so ridiculous and your friend can tell you the same story?

Well, if you follow any of that, and agree, then you need to come to the HaHaפuch Comedy show on Thursday February 11th. The comedy show is a variety of improv, sketches and videos that aims at making fun of life here in Israel. We will also have a special musical guest, a cappella group Kolture Shock and even a special segment called Spotlight on Immigrant Innovation, which will feature a new immigrant who is doing something great here in Israel. For our first show we are featuring immigrant Jonathan Miller co-owner of Asif Winery in Arad. Did I mention he only made Aliyah in 2006? Awesome! Miller will do a free wine tasting before the show and will sell his delicious award-winning wine. The show starts at 8pm but doors open at 7:30pm and that is when the wine tasting will take place so I strongly suggest you come and get it! There will also be cheap beer to add to the fun.

We plan to perform once a month at our current venue at the Merkaz Hamgshimim Theater in the German Colony. Check out the cool flier they made for us! And to learn more check out our Facebook page. Oh, and here is a clip for all you Srugim lovers, Stacy wants you to come to our show too!  

Remember, Israel is funny. And if you don’t think so then you haven’t seen our show.

Overheard in Israel

Gonev overheadnyc

I’m sure you’re familiar with Overheard in New York, a blog that lets people post the bits of conversation that they hear in the streets, at the office, wherever, so long as it’s funny. As with most trends, Israel is catching up, slowly but surely. Once again, thanks to Keren, I discovered the Hebrew version of Overheard called Gunav L’oznai, Tzitutim Shel Tzitutim, which Morfix tells us roughly, very roughly, translates to “found out about, quotes from eavesdropping”.


Here are some recent “overheards” that I picked from the Gunav site.



Officer 1: Tell me, how do you say pistachios in English?

Officer 2: I don’t think they eat them in English…



Can you come over her for a second, like for 10 seconds, for a second?

What funny things have you overheard lately?
Check out Israel’s version of Overheard – Gunav L’oznai

Amusing Typo in Israel#3: Truly innovative diet technique

Typo in ad for diet in Israel

I get little scraps in my mailbox all the time for new trissim, plumbers, and now I got this, a new diet that includes “Personal Chocing”. The ad translates to the following:

Did they tell you that being skinny was going to be magic? Therefore, you need personal chocing. No magic, just results!

Hmm… maybe you eat, then they choke you, then you lose your appetite and get skinny?! Could be promising, but it does kind of sound magical…

My recommendation to all in charge of typos: Thanks for making me laugh, but to help your business, you might want to pay attention to those red squiggly lines in Word.

How awkward would it be if I had a typo in this post?! Better check it twice.

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Amusing Typo in Israel#2: 2tsp of Ground Farfic

ground farfic

In the supermarket last week, I picked up what seemed to look like garlic powder and when I saw the label “ground farfic” I just assumed that such a spice existed, and not being such a savvy chef, I just haven’t encountered recipes with it yet.

My question is this, if you narrow in on typo logic, wouldn’t it be something like “ground farkic”? Maybe the keyboard was broken and this was as close as they could come.

Advice for fellow farfic shoppers – just open up the container and take a big whiff and you’ll know for sure if it’s garlic or not. And, while I’m at it, shouldn’t it be garlic powder and not ground garlic. Details.

See Amusing Typo #1: The Most Unfortunate Typo Ever

The most unfortunate typo ever

Jay Leno, if you’re reading this and want some headlines for your segment, feel free to to use this. This ad appeared in The Jerusalem Post almost a year ago for a women’s empowerment program, I’ve just been too lazy to put it through the scanner. No offense to The Hebrew University or their program, but I do believe they should have taken a second look at this ad before submitting it. I have to admit that it could be the most unfortunate typo I’ve ever seen. I won’t ruin it for you – see for yourself.