The Big Felafel

Get Fresh with a Fresh Wipe

Who knew one wipe had so many uses? Remember that movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? The father in that movie was convinced that Windex was the do-it-all gadget. It was a funny concept, but there was some truth to it. There must be that one thing that can do it all- and of course there is- it is the fresh wipe.

The fresh wipe is really supposed to be used on babies during a diaper change. While the fresh wipe does a great job at keeping everything sanitary, you can take this tool a step further and not only clean the child but clean yourself off too. Don’t stop there; use a fresh wipe to clean the area.

When you are done with the baby, yourself and the area, use a fresh wipe toquickly hit those dirty spots on your tile floors. Just put the wipe on the floor, step and rub away- perfect for dragged in mud, shoe streaks or spilled food.

You can dust your house off with a dried out fresh wipe and even clean off countertops without using poisonous chemicals in your kitchen. Step out of your kitchen and head toward your living room furniture where you can get rid of unwanted fuzz and dirt marks. In fact you can do the same thing to your clothes.

The fresh wipe is your one stop bargain for everyday cleaning needs. You can keep a packet in the car, one in your bag and even give them out to your kids. To this end, they have created the family size packet with 5 containers of fresh wipes for you and the ones you love. Now there is no reason to be-unfresh!


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