The Big Felafel

Start you morning off with a bang of a breakfast!

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But important doesn’t have to be expensive. Below is your chance to find out where to get the healthy-fill-you-up breakfast or do it yourself at home.

Everyone knows a healthy breakfast is one that gives you the energy for the day and the supplements to keep you going. Coffee Shop, one of Israel’s most popular restaurant chains, understands that and has created a meal that is yummy, healthy and filling. For NIS 39 you can treat yourself to a healthy breakfast- which is exactly what they call it.

Your healthy breakfast has protein, carbohydrates, calcium and even fiber- promising a grand start to your day. The meal begins with your choice of eggs and an Israeli salad. There are several types of cheeses and unlimited whole wheat bread that come along with the main meal. To top it off they give you a cup of yogurt with fruit and granola. You also have a fruit juice, water and a cup of coffee to keep you hydrated. This is the perfect meal that gives you that full feeling but not the I’m too full feeling.

If you want to make a speedy, cheap and healthy breakfast at home then break out the eggs and do it Israeli style. Either take a can of chopped tomatoes or do it yourself and add them to a frying pan with a little olive oil. Add two eggs and cover the pan until the yokes look cooked. While the eggs cook you can get a yogurt and some granola to add to your meal or even cut up fruit. This is a nourishing, low-cost and truly quick way to start your day- not to mention so Israeli.


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