The Big Felafel

Fighting Festivals Are The Answer

fight-festival.jpgLast week Peru held its annual Fighting Festival in which citizens, including women and children, are allowed to brawl each other in order to get rid of stress.

Forget Peace Talks I think Israel needs to adopt this Festival as soon as possible. Imagine taking all your frustration of driving in the city, paying ridiculous bills, waiting in lines that have no order, being pushed in the street- I could go on- but just imagine taking that frustration and channeling it into one fight with someone that is just as angry as you. You duke it out, bleed a little and then you feel better. Also friends and family watch and can take part in this exciting ass-kicking moment in your life.

We talk too much about talking. Let’s get Olmert in the ring against Abu Mazen. Let’s get Livni and Conda-poo-poo to cat fight and I will sign up to fight anyone from Betuach Leumi (Health Insurance), the banks or the Knesset(Government). The rules will be a good old fashion fight for five minutes. There will be a referee to make sure that we play by the rules and that there are no cheap shots.

Israelis are always fighting anyway: honking horns before the light turns green, yelling in grocery lines, shoving on buses- lets say that it is in our blood, and if that’s the case lets beat a little blood out of each other for the sake of stress relief and always, always for the peace.

After this festival we will all walk away a little calmer and realize that Peace must punch you in the face- not talk you to death.


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  1. * Jack says:

    I see all sorts of potential in this. A good fight festival could be a lot of fun.

    | Reply Posted 15 years, 5 months ago

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