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Movie theaters in Israel = oy vey has been scouted. The movie’s been selected. The time’s been arranged. The friend’s are notified. And now your off to… weeee… the movies. And then as soon as you get there, it hits you, in the form of a spiked blond-streaked, tight-jeaned, no deodarant-ed 12 year old male pushing his way in front of you along with the rest of his posse, that this fun night might turn out otherwise. The most ironic part among all this mayhem are the assigned seats. So even if the whole theater is empty, you must (and they check) sit in your assigned seat in the back row.

Once you get your ticket, you figure, I’ll go into the theater and have a little snack before the movie starts. Ha! The ticket-tearer looks at your ticket, then looks at you, and then says, Mah Pitom (What are you thinking!) Your movie doesn’t start for another 3 minutes, you can’t come in early! Continue reading this entry »

Bargaining – no one wants to be a sucker

In Israel, there is a very strong mentality not to be a sucker (friar). Tangent: When I first got to Israel I thought the word friar meant the religious guys in robes that I saw in Italy, but really it means sucker here. No connection that I’m aware of.

In Israel, every minute of every day people are trying not to be a sucker.

So they bargain. Bargain, yell, curse, growl, and make ‘yo mama’ jokes. And then they bargain some more. Until neither side feels like a sucker. Or until one’s body odor overpowers the other’s.

Apparently, every single purchase (maybe with the exception of the supermarket) is subject to bargaining. As Baka Diary points out, everything from kitchen tiles to a scoop of ice cream don’t have fixed prices.

Is it wrong to disagree with the whole bargaining culture? Is this something that we’re proud of? Is this exciting for people?

Making a new purchase can be stressful enough without thinking that someone is trying to rip you off. Not everyone can have a smooth talking Israeli by their side.


For every frustration, there is an entrepreneurial idea. Someone should offer their skills as a professional bargainer. Especially for homes, appliances, furniture, and cars. They make a little money, and you pay less.

Or, alternatively, let’s abolish the whole bargaining business and just sell things at normal prices. Yeah right.

Return Policy – think again

homecenter.jpgvs. zaralogo.jpg

Unlike America, when you want to return something in Israel, be prepared for an uphill battle. They might give you store credit, but almost never will they give you your money back. Even with the receipt.

One extreme is Zara, who gave me one week to return a skirt, and only for store credit. When looking for a good photo of Zara, I came across this image. But when they mess up… then they’ll give you a refund. Just gotta wait around for those faulty jackets and attached compasses (?!)


The other extreme is only Home Center, who let me return a shower curtain and gave me back actual money. Shekels in the flesh. A given is that you have the receipt, of course. And I’m not sure what the time limit is, but I wouldn’t wait more than a month.

Israeli Lines

I feel a hole in my body. I am not sure where it begins and if it ends. It is not like the other holes in a body- it connects no where and serves no purpose. It is more of a black hole and with it brings sadness I am not accustomed to.

These days I am more than just depressed. I have melancholy fingers and blue eyes. I am nothing nowadays. I am waiting for life to begin again. It is as though someone has put me on pause and just left me here. When did living stop and dying begin? Continue reading this entry »

How to find a job in Israel – helpful websites

Updated Feb 9, 2015

Here’s a list of helpful employment websites for job seekers:

  1. Israemploy: (English) Daily updates. 36 NIS per month.
  2. Janglo (English)
  3. Nefesh B’Nefesh Linkedin Job Board (English)
  4. Gvahim Linkedin Job Board (English)
  5. Digital Eve Israel (English) Yahoo Group for professional women, though open to men and women.
  6. Nefesh B’Nefesh’s list of a gazillion employment resources!!
  7. Alljobs (Hebrew)
  8. Shatil (non profit) (Hebrew)
  9. Muvtal (Hebrew)
  10. Drushim (Hebrew)
  11. Manpower (Hebrew)

Networking events in Jerusalem:

Newsletters & Events for job seekers:

  • Janglo Newsletter: Janglo’s weekly newsletter is amazing! Packed full of useful tidbits, they often feature networking events, conferences, and job-related news.
  • Nefesh B’Nefesh Events: Nefesh B’Nefesh regularly runs interview workshops and employment consulting in different cities across the country.
  • AACI Newsletter: AACI often offers navigational series lectures that cover finding a job in Israel and career advice. They also have a weekly professional women’s networking forum.
  • Gvahim Events: Gvahim connects international talents into the Israeli economy and society. Their programs leverage highly-skilled immigrants, mentors & recruiters from Israel’s top companies and major actors in the startup world. This enables Olim to succeed professionally in Israel and contribute to the Israeli ‘Brain Gain’.


  • Tzeirim BaMerkaz (Young Adults in Jerusalem): offers an internship program for Jerusalemites who have completed at least a BA. For more info, contact Roni at or call 02-623-2224.
  • Big list of Israel internships 2015



Supermarkets are not for the wimpy.

Israel has finally figured out how to sell packaged meat. Until now, you needed to go to the meat counter and order what you wanted. But this technologically advanced country has finally caught up and invested in a plastic wrapping machine and an open refrigerator. As I approached the packaged chicken section, I was disappointed to see a worker who was not giving out green flavored chicken but rather green colored fliers. I tried to taste one, but it just wasn’t that good, tasted kinda papery. If only it had been a taste sampling. I love those! I asked her how much a packaged chicken was, telling her I hoped it was 20 shekels, the great deal I found a few weeks ago. To my dismay, she said no, and, they NEVER sold it for 20 shekels. Maybe for 20 shekels a kilo but never a whole chicken for 20 shekels. I told her that I had in fact only paid 20 shekels at the register less than a month ago. This didn’t budge her. She told me that I must be wrong or have made a mistake.. Do I fight back? I couldn’t believe it. Was this part of their training – whatever the customer says, they are wrong. And prove it by having the last word! Hmph. But now who has the last laugh, chicken lady! Take that! And that!